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We cover any games, and some writers specialize in different types of games, such as MMORPG, shooting games, action games, etc.! Our editors are committed to providing you with realistic and high-quality content.

Mysterywiki is a website created by gamers for gamers to use. When looking for news about your favorite game, there is no need to pull out your wallet or phone-we have it all!

At Mysterywiki, we strive to provide the latest information and reviews about video games. Want to know which upcoming games are worth playing? Or which console games have the best action fighting? There is a lot of great content on Mysterywiki to help you decide!
Perhaps your favorite genre is a role-playing game like Skyrim or Fallout. We like those too! And there are plenty of great mods available-so you can enjoy unlimited game time!

It all started when I stumbled upon something very dark while looking for a new Fallout game. So I decided to use my skills as a web developer to create a website that includes video games