From DDS to 1 Billion GP: The Wilderness Challenge Guide in Old School RuneScape

The Challenge: Starting with only a DDS, aim to amass 1 billion OSRS GP using only resources and opponents in the Wilderness. And here’s the twist, you’ve got only 7 days to achieve this!

Starting Out:
Equip your DDS and be prepared to strike down players for their bones. The quicker, the better!
Look out for players working on their clues, especially if they have decent armor. However, don’t waste your special attacks on heavily armored targets.

Prioritize Quick Gains:
While hunting in the Wilderness, target players using altars.
If things get tricky, use environment tactics such as door-closing to evade chasers.

Boosting Profits:
Head to the revenants for consistent money. They offer valuable drops like rune plate bodies which can be sold for decent profits.
Keep an eye on your supplies. Upgrade gear when necessary; for instance, purchase the Avesta’s accumulator once you’ve amassed around 600k GP for improved efficiency at revenants.

Avoiding Setbacks:
Pay close attention to player behavior; if someone seems to be acting unusually (e.g., not teleporting when they should), they might be holding valuable items.
Keep track of your inventory; prioritize important items and upgrades like the Armadyl godsword.

The Final Push
As you near your goal, consider investing in higher tier equipment like the Void Knight set or the Zaros crossbow. They might reduce the number of fights you get, but they significantly increase your killing potential.
Stay focused and avoid getting too confident. A single mistake or death can set you back hours.

Use scouts to locate potential targets in the Wilderness.
Always be prepared to adapt. Switch out gear or strategies based on the situation.
Keep track of your supplies and upgrades. Invest in better gear as your wealth grows.
Remember, sometimes the best strategy is to run. Don’t get too greedy.

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