Old School RuneScape IronMan Tips and Tricks in 2023

Old School RuneScape IronMan Tips and Tricks in 2023

Old School RuneScape’s IronMan mode has evolved over the years, and as a seasoned player who recently maxed their IronMan account after six years of dedicated play, I’m here to share updated tips and tricks to help you on your IronMan journey. IronMan mode has breathed new life into the game for me, and I want to share my knowledge to make your experience just as enjoyable.

Graceful Outfit
Start your journey by obtaining the Graceful outfit through Agility training. While Agility may not be the most exciting skill to level up, it offers significant benefits. The full Graceful outfit provides a 30% boost to your natural run energy and reduces your weight by 25 kilograms. It’s a game-changer for questing and traversing Gielinor. Additionally, higher Agility levels reduce the chance of failing obstacles like the Agility Pyramid.

Clue Scrolls
Collect Clue Scrolls early in your IronMan adventure, whether from Skilling or combat. Completing Clue Scrolls can yield valuable rewards and often require you to level up your skills or complete quests, which naturally advances your account.

Magic as Your Starting Combat Skill
Magic is an excellent starting combat skill for IronMan mode. It’s powerful at lower levels, helps with questing, and unlocks teleport spells for convenient travel. Begin your journey by heading to Varrock and accomplishing a few essential tasks, such as the Stronghold of Security, the Varrock Museum for Kudos, and the “Daddy’s Home” mini-quest to obtain a free Player-Owned House (POH).

Ardougne Cloak 1
Work towards obtaining the Ardougne Cloak 1 by completing the easy Ardougne Achievement Diary. This cloak grants you unlimited teleports to Ardougne Monastery, providing a valuable means of travel.

Embrace questing as a core aspect of your IronMan progression. Pursuing the Quest Cape is a fantastic goal, as it forces you to level up various skills and explore the game’s rich lore. Quest rewards, including experience lamps, can significantly benefit your account.

Mini Games and Achievements
Participate in mini games like Barbarian Assault for the Fighter Torso, Pest Control for the Void Knight set, and Mage Training Arena for useful unlocks like the Bones to Peaches spell. Additionally, complete achievement diaries to learn more about the game and obtain valuable gear.

Gold-Making Methods
Thieving is an excellent early-game Gold-making method, especially after completing the Rogue’s Den mini-game. Pickpocketing Ardougne Knights is a popular choice. Slayer is another viable option for making OSRS Gold, with certain tasks yielding significant profits.

Farming and Skilling Runs
Incorporate daily farming runs, birdhouse runs, and seaweed runs into your routine. Use the Tithe Farm to train farming when you lack seeds. These activities provide essential resources for your IronMan journey.

Invest in Construction, a costly but rewarding skill. Aim for level 83, which allows you to boost for most player-owned house content. Use the Kingdom of Miscellania for a passive plank collection.

Skilling Bosses and Training Methods
Utilize Skilling bosses like Wintertodt, Tempoross, and Guardians of the Rift to train skills in unique ways. Take advantage of the Abyssal pearls from the Guardians of the Rift for additional rune crafting efficiency.

Bossing and Raids
Learn boss mechanics and enjoy bossing as an integral part of your IronMan progression. Start with easier bosses like Giant Mole or Kraken and gradually work your way up. Participating in raids can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

The IronMan game mode in Old School RuneScape offers a unique and rewarding experience. Approach your journey with a focus on learning, questing, and mastering a variety of skills. By following these updated tips and tricks, you can navigate the challenges of IronMan mode and build a formidable character in Gielinor.

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