Old School RuneScape Skill Cape Tier List Guides

Old School RuneScape Skill Cape Tier List Guides

Hey there, fellow Old School RuneScape adventurers! Today, we’re diving into the world of skill capes. Whether you’re a veteran player or just starting your journey, you might wonder which skill capes are worth pursuing and why. In this guide, we’ll break down the perks of each skill cape, helping you decide which ones are a must-have for your character. So, grab your second monitor, kick back, and let’s dive into the world of skill capes.

Construction Cape: Offers teleportation to any player-owned house portal and acts as a bank teleport, incredibly convenient.
Crafting Cape: Provides a bank teleport, unmatched convenience for various activities.
Farming Cape: Teleports to the farming guild, boosts herb yield, valuable for herb farming.
Max Cape: Offers a wide range of teleports and benefits, the ultimate achievement in OSRS.

Magic Cape: Allows changing your Spellbook five times per day, versatile quality-of-life improvement.
Prayer Cape: Offers the Holy Wrench effect, extra prayer points per sip of a prayer potion.
Firemaking Cape: Provides a 10% chance of successfully cooking food, valuable utility.
Hitpoints (Constitution) Cape: 10% chance to avoid being hit below 10% health, situational but life-saving.
Fishing Cape: Teleports and ability to create a fishing spot, useful for efficient fishing.

Fishing Cape: Teleports to Fishing Guild and Otto’s Grotto, useful but not essential.
Hunter Cape: Offers daily teleports to chinchompa hunting areas, handy for money-making or Ranged training.
Attack Cape: Ability to use Ardougne teleport, handy for Clue Scrolls and general travel.
Defense Cape: Provides a 10% chance to negate damage when hit, useful in tough PvM situations.
Ranging Cape: Acts like an Ava’s Accumulator, saves OSRS GP on ammunition.
Slayer Cape: 10% chance to repeat a task and combat level requirement bypass, useful for specific situations.

Agility Cape: Reduces weight, boosts restoration, daily energy and stamina potion effect, not game-changing.
Cooking Cape: Prevents food burning, grants access to Cooking Guild, alternatives available.
Herblore Cape: Niche benefits for creating unfinished potions from grimy herbs, limited usefulness post-99 Herblore.
Runecrafting Cape: Niche uses like unlimited access to runecrafting altars and non-degrading essence pouches, may not see much post-99 use.
Smithing Cape: Perks of increasing coal bag capacity and acting as Goldsmith gauntlets not highly valuable post-99.
Strength Cape: Unlimited teleports to the Warriors’ Guild are handy, utility increases with Max Cape.
Thieving Cape: Offers a 10% bonus to pickpocketing, more useful for money-making post-99.
Woodcutting Cape: Provides a 10% chance of additional bird’s nests from trees, mainly useful for Clue Scrolls and bird’s egg collectors.

Fletching Cape: Allows searching for a mithril grapple and bronze crossbow but has limited use.
Mining Cape: Provides a 5% chance of extra ore, limited practical applications.
Crafting Cape: Crafting guild teleport and ability to create jewelry quickly not in high demand post-99.

Each cape offers unique perks and utility in the world of Old School RuneScape skill capes. Your choice of skill capes depends on your playstyle and goals, but hopefully, this guide has helped you understand which capes are most worth pursuing for your character. Whether you’re a master of construction, a seasoned chef, or a prayerful adventurer, there’s a skill cape waiting for you to showcase your accomplishments in Gielinor.

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