OSRS SoulReaper Axe Guides from the Desert Treasure 2

OSRS SoulReaper Axe Guides from the Desert Treasure 2

In this guide, we will explore the journey of obtaining the SoulReaper Axe from the Desert Treasure 2 chapters of Mr. Armbar. We will cover the strategy for completing this quest and provide insights into using the new axe to defeat the four bosses and complete the SoulReaper challenges.

After completing Desert Treasure 2, your first goal is to obtain the SoulReaper Axe. This unique weapon requires pieces from the four new bosses introduced in the update. We’ll discuss how to tackle this challenge and the advantages of the axe.

Obtaining the SoulReaper Axe:
Your initial aim is to complete the SoulReaper challenges. While most players opt for one of the four new rings, you decided to gather three of the four SoulReaper Axe pieces early on. Now, the final piece, the Leviathan’s Lore, stands between you and completing the axe.

The Four Bosses:
You will face four new bosses to obtain the SoulReaper Axe pieces: Duke Artificer, Vardo, Whisper, and Leviathan. Each boss has specific drops, including the axe pieces and other valuable items. In the first week, you collected three of the four pieces, leaving you with only Leviathan’s Lore left to obtain.

Strategy for Leviathan:
You ventured into Leviathan’s lair and faced its challenge. In the last episode, you stopped at 1,500 kills, but you got the Venator Icon and three ingots along the way. The goal is to complete this final piece to forge the SoulReaper Axe.

Completing the SoulReaper Axe:
After 1,000 Leviathan kills, luck seemed to run out for the final axe piece. You’re determined to persevere and continue your grind. However, luck struck, and you obtained the final piece, Leviathan’s Lore. This is a significant milestone, and the SoulReaper Axe is now ready to be assembled.

Showcasing the SoulReaper Axe:
With the SoulReaper Axe now in your possession, it’s time to showcase its power. We’ll focus on the different scenarios where the axe excels, starting with Vardo and the Blood Torva challenge. You’ll explore its effectiveness and discover its benefits in various combat situations.

The SoulReaper Axe’s Strengths:
The SoulReaper Axe boasts significant power, particularly at specific bosses. Its advantages include increased single-hit damage and the ability to heal. For instance, at Vardo, the axe’s strong single attack and its unique ability to regain life points make it a top choice.

Plans for Treasure 2 Content:
With the SoulReaper Axe in hand, your plans include completing full vertis armor and acquiring the four new rings. The vertis armor is a passive goal as it can be obtained from any of the new bosses. You plan to master all four bosses before attempting the Blood Torva challenge, utilizing your limited orbs wisely.

The journey to obtain the SoulReaper Axe has been challenging and rewarding. You’ve faced formidable bosses, acquired axe pieces, and now possess a powerful weapon. With plans to continue your adventures, including mastering all four bosses and completing additional challenges, your adventure in the world of Old School RuneScape continues.

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