Path of Exile Guide: Unleashing the Overpowered Guardian SRS Build

Path of Exile Guide: Unleashing the Overpowered Guardian SRS Build

Greetings, Exiles! In this guide, we delve into the intricacies of the Guardian SRS build. We’ve conducted extensive playtesting and observed some changes since the initial review. Let’s get right into it and examine the strengths, weaknesses, and action-packed gameplay of this powerful build.

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Initial Impressions and Changes
After thorough playtesting, the Guardian SRS build presents a mixed bag of effectiveness. While certain aspects shine, others appear rather broken. Let’s explore these points and elaborate on how the build has evolved based on these observations.

The Overpowered Aspect
The gameplay reveals an overwhelming sense of power, particularly in the context of clearing mobs and bosses. The Sentinel of Radiance’s area of effect scaling with level delivers a visually impressive spectacle, especially when paired with minion offensive Mastery for increased AOE. The utilization of convocation Mastery enhances the build’s efficiency, allowing for seamless content traversal.

The Broken Nature
Despite its potency, certain elements of the Guardian SRS build seem broken. The elemental Relic uptime was notably higher than anticipated, creating an environment where the build outperforms others on a level that might be considered unhealthy. This discrepancy prompts a closer examination of balance within the realm of minion builds.

A Different Perspective
An interesting angle to explore is the usage of the Guardian SRS build as a leveling tool. The build exhibits remarkable efficiency throughout the leveling process, from the campaign to early-stage mapping. The approach involves primarily running and using convocation for crowd control while the Sentinel handles most of the damage output. It’s an intriguing way to level, offering a distinct experience from traditional leveling techniques.

The Dilemma of Check Mark Abilities
One point of contention is the reliance on “check mark abilities,” such as the need to regularly re-summon the Sentinel due to its short duration. This gameplay mechanic can be frustrating, interrupting the flow and rhythm of the gameplay. Balancing the need for periodic re-summons while preserving the engaging nature of the build remains a challenge.

The Diversity Debate
The Guardian SRS build also raises questions about build diversity within the Path of Exile meta. While the build showcases potential for differentiation in the form of SRS Elemental versions and Mage Skeletons, it’s crucial to ensure that this divergence doesn’t lead to an over-centralization of certain builds on the Guardian archetype at the expense of Necromancers. Striking this balance is essential for the health and variety of the game’s meta.

The Future of the Build
Looking ahead, there are intriguing possibilities to explore, such as investing in minion life and focusing solely on the Sentinel as the primary damage source. Could this lead to a new dimension of gameplay and efficiency? The potential is there, and it’s worth investigating.

The Guardian SRS build has shown us its overpowering prowess and its broken aspects. Its efficacy as a leveling tool and the challenges posed by check mark abilities provide a comprehensive picture of its gameplay dynamics. While this build offers exciting opportunities for diversifying the meta, careful balance considerations are necessary to ensure a healthy ecosystem of builds.

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