Unlock the Secrets of the Highlands: 150 Revalio Pages in Hogwarts Legacy

Unlock the Secrets of the Highlands: 150 Revalio Pages in Hogwarts Legacy

150 in the game, Radio’s pages are not necessary in hogwarts legacy.
They allow a few cosmetic elements and history elements to have, but nothing that impacts gameplay.
However, they are essential to complete the sorcerer’s guide.
Part of these pages of Regalia can be found in the Highlands, even if some require specific spells to be found.

List and location of the Highlands Regalia pages

Signal Drained

At Pitt-Upon-Ford, in front of a small stone bridge near the merchant.

Old Cor

From the East cheminette flame of the North Ford marshes, go back to the northeast.
The page is on a wooden pontoon north of the combat large.

Sudan to the pumpkin

In a bar north of Campolard-en-Haut.


South of Pré-au-aUR-LAR, on a walk in the promenade.

Cracow cottage

From the Flame de Cheminette is from the Pré-au-Alard Valley, descend south to find the page in front of a cottage.

Rune spoor egg

From the Palette Château de Falbarton flame, go up slightly to the north to find the egg on a table, in the castle of the castle.

Caramel in Laity

From the flame of prohibited forest, direction the northeast to go up the cliff behind Dependence Deal and find mages making kite.
The page is next two, on the bench.

Window of pre-au-lard station

By following the rails to the north from Transpire, the page is in the slowness of the station, behind the bridge.


In Transpire, next to the merchant.

Burlap tentacles

From the Flame de Cheminette Center de la Valley de Hogwarts, pass from Later on the river to the Lowest to find the page.

Black Hebrides

From the flame of the Center of the Hogwarts Valley, go to Lowest to find the page in front of Fort Archie.

Enchanted scarecrow

Lépouvantail is in Bourg-Garenne, between two houses.

Ginger root

In Pont-Désir, near the Flame de Cheminette.

In Pont-Désir, near the hives of the city.

The leaning house

A LEST de Pont-Désir, from the other side of the bridge.

From the Flame de Cheminette Pont-Désir, follow the river to the Lowest to find the page behind ruins.

Roxy egg

In a bandit camp northwest of the northern crossroads of the South sea marsh.

Instant Obscurity Powder from Peru

From the western cheminette flame of the Hogwarts valley, in a nearby bandit camp.

In Lest Adirondack, near a windmill.

Cinnamon bark

Between combat large and Priya tread well in the south of the Beecroft region.

Bouquet of deliveries

In the valley leading from Beecroft to the sea, south.

Beecroft well

In the center of Beecroft.

Entrained models

A LEST of Beecroft.

Crazy twins

North of Beecroft, near another merchant named Priya Creswell.

South of the northern crossroads of the South sea marsh.

Ancient compass

Right next to the northern walking flame of the Collet coast.

Giant Deirdre Shadow

In the center of the city of Crag croft.

Dragon skeleton

South of Crag croft, near a bandit camp on the coast.

North of the Salt coast, in a bandit camp at the top of the cliff.

Bulb Pungent

Behind the bunch of the wild boar head, at the server level.

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