BVB Planning for Future with Reus, Hummels, and Guerreiro – Decisions Needed on Expiring Contracts at Borussia Dortmund

BVB Planning for Future with Reus, Hummels, and Guerreiro – Decisions Needed on Expiring Contracts at Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dortmund are not just in your house in ing activities.
Choices need to additionally be made in regard to workers.
Are the ending contracts of Marco Reus, Mats Hummels and also Raphaël Guerrero extended at BVB?
As 1 chief press reporter Patrick Berger in the Podcast the Dortmund Week recommends, squad choices will be made in Dortmund in the future.
It’s crunch time. These are critical days for BVB. Keel will certainly tackle some individual information, emphasized Berger.
His colleague Oliver Müller added: Keel did a fair bit for the following couple of days.
The expansion with captain Marco Reus has top priority.


Appropriately, s supervisor Sebastian Keel is still preparing final conversations throughout the international break.
The offer is readily available. I assume that there will certainly be an agreement during the worldwide break, said Berger.
Zeus himself had lately shown that he intended to extend at BVB.
I would love to end my profession below, said the 33-year-old at the Sky microphone.

Basic decision at Hummel’s

With Hummel’s, however, there is no timely choice.
The BVB bosses desire to provide the main protector time because it is a basic decision.
Concerning three weeks back, the Build had currently reported that Hummel’s did not wish to make its choice until completion of March or early April.

BVB thinking at Guerrero?

Guerrero, who was considered a goodbye prospect last autumn, might now remain with BVB.
According to Berger, the Portuguese has actually rethought.
The propensity goes clearly towards extension. The Dortmund intend to keep it as well as bind to themselves for 2 years at certain conditions, claimed the chief reporter.
As quickly as the 29-year-old comes back from the nationwide team, a brand-new deal must be made.
If everything fits, it will remain. Guerrero also really feels in Dortmund, emphasized Berger.
To Guerrero’s future at BVB, Keel last stated in the Twist: It was composed weeks ago that a choice had actually currently been made that Raphael Guerrero would certainly leave us.
It’s not like this.
With Guerrero, BVB is continued in discussions.
Every little thing is still open, highlighted the 43-year-old as well as added: We assumed about it.

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