Find Schaufel in Sons of the Forest – Get the Important Progress with the Shovel Needed for Story Progression

Find Schaufel in Sons of the Forest – Get the Important Progress with the Shovel Needed for Story Progression

The shovel is a vital thing in the Sons of the Woodland to obtain in the video game.
However, it is not so easy to get.
Mango shows you what you have to do for the item.
Exactly how do I obtain the shovel?
In Children of the Forest, checking out is a vital part of the gameplay.
Everywhere there are intriguing locations and strange caverns.
In order to advancement in the video game, you need specific items-such as the shovel.
We will reveal you exactly how you can locate the crucial item here.
Sons of the Woodland has actually compelled the knee to be launched.
In our video you get a short impression of what makes the video game so unique.

obtain shovel-not a simple task

No means will certainly pass the shovel if you want to obtain onward swiftly in Kids of the Woodland.

On the whole, however, you need to discover 3 harmful caverns for the item-in the appropriate order.
Right here are the caves on the map:
Cavern: cord gun
Cavern: diving equipment
Cavern: shovel
To get the shovel, you need the cable television gun as well as the diving devices.
Or else you can not complete the shovel cavern to obtain the new tool.
The initial cavern with the cord weapon is still reasonably gracious.
Strong and also nasty mutants come in the direction of you, you generate once again as well as once again in the cave throughout fatality as well as locate many useful products that assist you, such as medication.
If you are consistent, you will most definitely survive right here.
Before the various other caves you should have already well geared up with shield and tools:
Shield is very important in Sons of the Forest-but a great Panzer product is easy to ignore
You obtain a solid weapon in Kids of the Forest early-that is how you develop the head stick
It is best to save just prior to your cavern exploration as well as always check out well.
There are a lot more essential things to discover below that you just get in these caverns.
If you intend to see a total overview, with suggestions for the individual caves, then you can find an English YouTube video clip here:
Why do you require the shovel?
The tool aids construct the base as well as can improve traps.
The shovel is additionally crucial for the tale.
You can only reach particular areas and products if you can dig appropriately.


Do not go directly to the shovel if you want to check out in tranquility and get to recognize the game.
Build a house and also ensure your protection-the tale of the mystical island does not run away.
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