Learn How to Get the Alohomora Spell to Open Locks in Hogwarts Legacy

Learn How to Get the Alohomora Spell to Open Locks in Hogwarts Legacy

During the trip that will have to undertake at Hogwarts Legacy you will learn a good handful of spells of all kinds, although one of the most important, and you will get the most out is Alhambra.
Thanks to him, you can open the locks that you will find on more than one occasion, so in the next guide we will tell you how to get this magic and what it is for.

How to get the Alhambra spell to open the locks

When you have progressed a lot in the main story, they will end up delivering at some point the mission The lunar lament of the warden that will take you to gather with Glad win Moon, the Hogwarts warden.
This will tell you that a series of strange statues have been found that only appear at night and which calls Luna de Deiguise.

To locate them you will need to open locks, being that moment when Mr. Moon will teach you to use Alhambra whenever you want.
However, it will not be enough to use magic without more, because the game will invite you to solve a minigame-shaped puzzle.
When interacting with the lock, a series of nuts that turn if the control sticks move on screen will be displayed.
The objective is to turn them around until the command vibrates and at the same time the nuts of their respective colors are illuminated: the green in which it is more outside and red in which it is located more inside.
Thus, you will have to move both at the same time until you get them to light so that all the machinery begins to turn until the lock is opened.
The puzzle will be exactly the same for each one of the locks that will appear everywhere in the adventure.
However, some will require that you upload the Alhambra level, which implies that you will need to find more Demise statues and give them to Glad win Moon to allow you to use the most advanced levels of this useful magic.


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