Vi-de Juegos: Kickstarter Financing for Activision Blizzard, Mika and The Witchs Mountain.

It is true that round numbers give a certain taste, but all active recharges are special.
And without reaching the five hundred headlines today, we are a little closer than usual.
Much news of all kinds, go, in this active recharge on Monday, February 6, 2023:
The 15th edition of Malayalam bats participation records.
A total of 57 games took place this weekend in a meeting that has already become the largest of this type in Spain and Europe.
Mikey and The Witch Mountain exceeds-long-its financing goal in Kickstarter.
The new Chi big project (inspired by A Short Hike and Nicky, the witch’s apprentice) has convinced more than 5,000 backers and had been 220,000 euros in his campaign for a while.
R-Type Final 3 Evolved will arrive in Europe on April 28.
This improved version of R-Type Final 2 adds levels previously published as DLC and take advantage of the jump to PS5 to update its graphic engine to Unreal Engine 5.
Crossfire will stop working on May 18.
Smile gate points to the worst fashion and announces the closure of the servers one year after its publication.
In addition to leaving the multiplayer, that disastrous campaign developed by Remedy will also stop selling.
The Bag and Securities Commission Fine Activision Blizzard for its response to cases of abuse in the company.
The editor must pay $35 million because she was not able to guarantee confidentiality in the complaints of her workers.
Launch of the week:
Endling-Extinction is Forever (iOS, Android)-February 7
Hogwarts Legacy (for now PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S)-February 10
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