Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta Challenges Two New Rivals – Confirmed by the Creator

Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta Challenges Two New Rivals – Confirmed by the Creator

Currently, the fury for Dragon Ball Super is still present, because the history of manga has not stopped and not long ago the most recent film that separates us a little from Roku and Veg eta was released.


And in fact in this film it has been established that now Veg eta has two more rivals to overcome, since Nakamoto is one of the classics for the character.
As already known, during the film in which the red patrol returns, formidable villains such as Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 arrive, as well as the last obstacle to win, Cell’s return but without its own conscience.

However, thanks to a new stage, both Piccolo and Golan receive transformations that no one had imagined so far.
In recent statements by the franchise’s own creator, Akira Oriya, he mentions that both Orange Piccolo and Beast Golan are quite prominent entities within this world of fights.
Obviously comparisons with other characters were not going to be missing, and just adds that these characters already reach the same level as Veg eta and Roku.
That means that now the Prince of the Taiwan race will have to continue training to be much stronger than them and their eternal rival.
Fortunately, the newest chapters establish that they are practically at the same time, then an event of great magnitudes could be given, where we see them fight once again to see who is the most powerful in universe 7.
Way: Alpha
Editor’s note: The truth The new transformations are a bit taken from the sleeve, but according to what the author says are Canon.
So maybe it is worth having an eye on the future that bigger threats occur.

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