Explore the iconic castle and battle your way through hordes of monsters in this new expansion!

Explore the iconic castle and battle your way through hordes of monsters in this new expansion!

Dead Cells: Return to Castlemaine is a brand-new growth for the underlying Roguelike game, in which the world of Dead Cells in fact fulfills Castlemaine.
In this sense, gamers will go with Placard and Richter in Dracula’s empire.
The expansion was provided with a trailer in the course of the most current Nintendo Direct Program and is arranged to appear on March 6, 2023 for consoles.
In addition to the switch, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are also supported.
A launch for the PC is also prepared.
The trailer demonstrates how Beheaded fulfills Richter Belmont, who asks him for aid.
After that, it does not take long for Placard to add.
The one in charge fights with Dracula and death are also quickly introduced.

new weapons and biomes

The brand-new expansion plays in Dracula’s castle and follows a brand-new storyline.
There are also some classic Castlemaine weapons such as the tossing ax, the vampartiller and placards sword.


The further equipment of Dead Cells: Return to Castlemaine includes brand-new biomes that gamers can explore.
Also, worth pointing out is the soundtrack with the recently developed vampire killer theme.
The growth makes up 51 tracks from Castlemaine, twelve of which were modified to match the Dead Cells style.

A reward has actually not yet been pointed out for Dead Cells: Return to Castlemaine.
But due to the approaching publication, we will soon discover more about the job.
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Dead Cells was launched for PlayStation consoles in 2018.
Several updates and extensions followed.
Below you can see the trailer for Go back to Castlemaine:
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