Discover Ancient Magic and Find Big Pots in Hogwarts Legacy!

Discover Ancient Magic and Find Big Pots in Hogwarts Legacy!

In Hogwarts Legacy you play for a fifth year student who can see ancient magic.
Your journey will lead you through an open world to fulfill quests, at the same time juggling with your classes.
During the first season, you will get access to the requirements and related talents.
The requirements’ room allows you to create potions and grow plants in pots.
Some plants need large pots, for example, a poisonous tentacle.
This is where you can get big pots in the Hogwarts inheritance.


How to get big pots in Hogwarts Legacy?

Large pots are built in the room of the requirements.
You must buy a potted table with a large pot of folios and scrolls in Hogs mid to unlock it.
This spell costs 1000 galleons;
There is also an option with two large pots worth 3000 galleons.
After the purchase, go to the requirements room and use the witchcraft spell, select the tribology and scroll to large pots with down the cross.
Place the spell of a large pot.

What can be grown in large pots in Hogwarts’s Heritage?

For growing, large pots are needed.
Flus stem and poisonous tentacles.
Growing these plants will give you an unlimited stock, so you no longer have to buy them in Hogs mid.
The stems of flux are used in the focus potion, and the poisonous Tantalus can be caused in battle to shoot with acid at the nearest enemies.
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