Front Mission 2089 BorderScape: Returns Under A New Name

Front Mission 2089 BorderScape: Returns Under A New Name

Fans of the classic Front Mission franchise will be thrilled to hear that a remastered version of the game is on its way! After months of speculation and anticipation, Front Mission 2089: BorderS cape has returned under a new name. Find out more about this exciting development in this blog article!

A few days ago, both the main website and the official Twitter channel of Front Mission 2089: BorderS cape vanished from the Web without a trace.
Since square enix did not wish to talk about this action, the report quickly turned that the Japanese publisher might have decided to stop Front Objective 2089: BorderS cape in secret.
As it turned out in the meantime, this is not the case.
Instead, the job was just subjected to a modification of name and is now being produced under the title Maharishi.
The Blackjack Studios and Elongate are obviously responsible for the development.

console variation not yet announced

What the brand-new names for the future of the title or the plans of Square Enix suggests is still uncertain.
As part of the main statement, Front Mission 2089: BorderS cape has up until now only been confirmed for the mobile platforms.
It was stated that applications for additional platforms are thought about how far these strategies are still up-to-date.


The game must appear for numerous platforms worldwide, including for mobile, stated the Japanese publisher at the time.

The question is also available to how far the renaming of the initial action is recorded.
Originally, it was supposed to result in 2089, where mankind deals with an unsure future due to a breaking war.
Let’s wait and see additional information from the official side.
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