Enter Century: Age of Ashes

Enter Century: Age of Ashes

The independent game developer Playing announces happily that after a successful start on PC and home consoles, his free-to-play dragon shooter Century: Age of Ashes in both brand-new and existing players in the very first EVE occasion entitled The Last
Bastion will present.
Follow the credibility of the kite and set the battleground in flames on December 15th!
The most important material of this totally free event is the EVE video game mode outbreak, in which the gamers have to join together to protect their basis versus the attack of awful enemies that originate from their own headaches: the homeowners.
These enemies are ruthless and will bring the abilities and team coordination of the gamers to their limitations with every new age.
With every attack that you make it through successfully, the Dragons have to prepare thanks to a brand-new upgrade system-it provides supports and upgrades for your abilities and the basis that protect them.
This new mechanics is one of the refreshing Roguelike elements that for the very first time in Century: Age of Ashes.


In addition, the AI-controlled swarm varies from residents in strength, types of attacks, speed and more, so that the Dragons have to utilize their mind if they want to survive this battle.
Die-hard supporters of the abundant Dark Dream story will already have actually satisfied these locals and know about the upcoming danger that they start for the sanctuary of Valerian.
The EVE video game mode break out marks the highlight of the fight of Season 1: Shadow over Held against the armies of the parasite queen-a struggle that players are reminded of once again and again when they have a look at the massive beast
Waves of residents on the map of Held Breach let loose.
Lastly, from December 15, 2022, to January 18, 2023, gamers can take part in the short-lived event The Last Bastion.
By completing objective sets in EVE game mode, players get their own modifications and, as an additional reward, 4 special dragons (one for each rider class) for the high-flyers out there.
In order to please the gamers who are searching for a competitive video game, the event will likewise offer benefits based upon PVP rankings.
Century: Age of Ashes will also be a long-awaited update of the ranking PVP guest system, a new interface in the video game that resolves Dark dream fans and include enhancements to the quality of life, so that dragon riders have much more to do.
In addition, the store is filled with short-lived objects, such as the famous ensemble of the winter born, and the comeback of the festive kites.

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