Closers Add the First Bow Character.

Closers Add the First Bow Character.

Nixon (CEO Lee Dungeon) announced on the 15th that the new concept action MORPH Closer will launch the Brand New Closer’ secondary update and add the first character ARI to use the main weapon as the main weapon.

ARI, the 20th character of Closer and the fifth member of the mouse team, is a half-dimensional species that combines the phase of the poison and the water drop-type species.
It is characterized by unfolding.
After the dimensional merger, he falls into a long sleep and becomes lonely and lonely, and after waking up, he is obsessed with his family to become lonely.

Nixon will open an Arizona Union Pass until January 26th to commemorate the update.


Various rewards such as SPRS, Improved Central Laboratory, Workers’ Program: Rose Took (1 person), etc..

In addition, winter events will be held to present popular costumes and high-end items by January 26th.
At the 8th Anniversary Char-Up attendance event, you can get a popular costume Cheer-up Boys Full Set, T2 Platinum Chip, and T3 Color Chip.
It can be exchanged with various high-quality items.

In addition, you can also obtain ice sculptures, which are the core ingredients of the 8th Anniversary Ice Sculpture Event, which will be held until March 9 through the Arizona Union Pass, the 8th Anniversary Cheer Up attendance event, and the winter gift camp event town.

For more information about the new Closer’ new character ARI and Events, please visit the official website.

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