Square Enix Releases Final Fantasy IX For PlayStation 4 And Nintendo Switch

Square Enix Releases Final Fantasy IX For PlayStation 4 And Nintendo Switch

Square Enix has delayed the release of a number of their games. It seems that we’ll have to wait even more, but can’t say for how long.

Thinking that Last Dream I via VI are concerning to come to PS4 and Switch over, it could make sense for Square Enix to introduce as much in the coming days. On December 18th, the Last Dream collection will certainly commemorate its 35th anniversary.

It’s worth keeping in mind that not long after these six Last Dream titles were noted for Switch as well as PS4, the ESB website changed each web page to get rid of the mention of these systems. Thankfully, some individuals had the ability to get screenshots to verify that they did when show up. Whether the listing was a crash isn’t presently known, yet it appears fairly feasible that we’ll learn somehow in the near future.

It resembles a variety of traditional entrances in Square Enix’s Final Dream franchise will certainly soon be heading to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch over. Over the course of the previous year or so, Square Enix has actually gradually been releasing Pixel Remasters of the very first 6 installments in the Final Dream series. And also while these brand-new versions of the precious RPGs have only been usable on computer and mobile systems up until now, it looks like this will not apply for a lot longer.

Do you have hope that these precious Last Fantasy video games will quickly be involving PS4 and Switch? And also if so, would you aim to play these throwback parlor games for yourself? Make sure to allow me to understand either down in the remarks or strike me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.


Detected on the ESB’s official website recently, rankings for Final Fantasy, Final Dream II, Final Fantasy III, Last Dream IV, Last Fantasy V, as well as Final Fantasy VI were all located in organization with PS4 and Change. While no launch dates were provided for these variations of each game, the fact that they showed up whatsoever recommends that Square Enix might be preparing an announcement soon.

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