FCK boss Hengen Without investors, survival would be impossible

FCK boss Hengen Without investors, survival would be impossible

The e.V., the moms and dad company of the GAA professional department, also had good news in his luggage.
Board member Tobias Frey got a clear applause when he emphasized: The topic of Quarter has actually been done at the FCK since June 1st.
The last installment was 400,000 euros to the financial provider, who in the meantime provided the FCK 8 million euros-and the club restricted with interest of over eight percent.

With the Bette bond paid back on August 1st (1.8 million euros), another mentally negative concern of ad acta was laid.
The e.V. is not concerned with it.
The liabilities were just owed and now existed versus the subsidiary GAA (4.8 million euros) and their donors (1 million).
The liabilities in between 2025 and 2028 are due. The payment strategy is.
From 2025, the e.V. shares of the GAA, where it still holds around 45 percent, can offer neutrally under tax law.
These 2.5 million shares are the monetary possession of the association. This is the masses with which we can pay our liabilities. The number of these shares we need to sell from 2025 depends on the sporting success, the better, the Less, stated Kessler.

more members, less chaos

Not just financially, the e.V. is significantly much better than at the beginning of the year.
Thanks to a member campaign that was particularly promoted by board member Hero SCRA, the club was able to tape-record a boost of around 33 percent this year.
The FCK started the year with 16,900 members, on December fourth it is at 22,459.
The reality that only around 450 of it took the course on the Gutenberg on Sunday affirms to the excellent mood around the red devil.
The conference was over after 4.5 hours.
In 2019, more than 1400 members did not desire to miss out on the over ten-hour spectacle or contribute to disorderly conditions.
A custom that is history for the time being.

Terms such as the turmoil association or scandal club no longer take location. Keller put it likewise: The GAA does not run with black numbers. Without fresh capital, professional sports in Kaiserslautern can not yet be represented. These 2.5 million shares are the financial property of the association. How many of these shares we have to sell from 2025 depends on the sporting success, the better, the more

They especially look after traditions in Kaiserslautern.
Especially in the previous twenty years, the general assembly was an accumulation of troublesome habits.
Due to the pandemic, the only virtual actions were seen in 2021 and 2020.
The event happened in presence in 2019.
The summary of at that time reads from today’s point of view like a mix of a bad criminal offense thriller and a scary movie.
The dramaturgy at that time was formed by suspicious power has a hard time between a lot more dubious financiers and a miserable internal bail battle.
In the end, a supervisory board was picked, which according to all the guidelines of art disassembled himself within a few months.
The look back highlights how well the FCK is doing three years later on.


You can then brake with traditions.
Because the conference in December 2022 was positive and tranquil like never before.
The supervisory board was eliminated with over 91 percent of the members present, the e.V. board member even with over 99 percent.
Such approval values at the FCK have actually appeared less likely in the last few years than marching through to the Bundesliga until a repeating of the 1998 championship as a climber.
The brand-new cohesion is among the many secrets to success.
The inside is controversial, no longer externally. That is the definitive element, stressed FCK legend and Hans-Peter Bruegel supervisory board.
Trainer Kessler, chairman of the control committee, concurred with him.
It is notable that no information from investor negotiations penetrate the outside. Terms such as the turmoil association or scandal club no longer take place.
When looking at the financial figures, the ubiquitous pleasure came into the background a little.
The turnover of the corporation in the fiscal year was 16 million euros, which ended on June 30th with a loss of 4.12 million euros.
Without our financiers, survival would not be possible, said Handling Director Thomas Hen gen
The deficit can not be made up for by the climb alone.

We have to be a constant once again in paid football.

Thomas Hen gen.
In order to be able to fund yourself in the medium term, we have to be a continuous again in paid football, discusses Hen gen.
Keller put it similarly: The GAA does not operate with black numbers. Without fresh capital, professional sports in Kaiserslautern can not yet be represented.

Sorrentine arena

Currently always have reason to be pleased: fans of 1. FC Kaiserslautern.
Imago/Lack Party
Speaking of mountain, there is a piece of fashion jewelry and one of the most significant problems at the very same time.
Throughout the home video games, the arena on the Gutenberg with approximately 38,602 viewers is a real trump.
Far from the atmospheric 90 minutes, the 2006 World Cup arena is an expensive block.
In addition to the lease interest of 2.4 million euros, upkeep and maintenance steps come, so that the FCK needs to shell out around 6.5 million euros this season.
The necessary modernization measures are not consisted of.
The people accountable see that the repurchase of the arena is inevitable.
But the needed plan of around 50 million euros is not yet in sight.

huge requirement to capture up

There are presently more crucial building websites for the minimal available cash.
The need to capture up is huge after four years in the 3rd department in many locations.
In the medium term, we need to advance the professionalization, increase the workers’ strength with carefully, the Scouting department has to grow. A squad coordinator must likewise be included in the medium term, said Hen gen, who presently needs to pretend numerous subjects as the handling director for the financial and sporting field.
The day-to-day organization should not be neglected in the financial investments.
We want to strengthen ourselves in winter season. Service providers need to be kept after the season without neglecting the monetary situation, highlighted the club manager.

The subject of Quarter has actually been done at the FCK given that June 1st.

Tobias Frey

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