Xbox vs. Playstation Big video games

Xbox vs. Playstation Big video games

Since you can think, Microsoft and Sony have been competitors and fans are continuously arguing about which business has better consoles and games.
Microsoft now admits that Sony has more exclusive video games and that numerous of them are much better than their own.

Microsoft confesses: Sony’s unique title are better qualitatively

It is still uncertain whether the takeover of Activision Blizzard is in fact going through Microsoft and this will not be clarified prior to 2023.
There are still some authorities who are still examining this takeover and ask themselves whether such a big takeover for the whole computer game market would be healthy at all.
Sony, for example, believes that a takeover would lead to many drawbacks.
This includes, for example, the worry that certain brand names like Call of Responsibility might disappear from the PlayStation.
Xbox employer Phil Spencer has now often confirmed that this will not take place in the coming years, but there is no permanently.
Due to the takeover, Microsoft would protect various successful brand names.
Maybe this should act as a payment for the missing unique titles on the Xbox.
As Microsoft grants itself in an official document, Sony’s unique title is much better quality than your own.


Games like The Last of Us, Ghost of Sushi, God of War and Spider-Man also speak a clear language.

In figures spoken in 2021 there were over 280 special titles of very first and third-party companies on the PlayStation, nearly 5 times as many as on the Xbox.
At the end of 2019, the very first trailer for the Xbox Series X was launched:
Xbox Series X-World Best 4k Trailer

Microsoft prepares 2023 huge modifications: More games for the Xbox

As part of an interview with the YouTubers Justine and Jenna Erik a couple of weeks ago, Phil Spencer spoke that there disappeared games in 2022 as it had actually been for a very long time.
In 2023, however, this should look really various, and the production plan is more detailed to the original task once again.
Spencer itself is especially eagerly anticipating the upcoming games Red fall and Star field, however it seems as if there might be other surprises in 2023, which the Xbox would definitely do well.

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