The Callisto Protocol was inspired by SpongeBob, reveals design director

The Callisto Protocol was inspired by SpongeBob, reveals design director

Fans of survival horror can barely expect to experience this distressing adventure of The Callisto Protocol from December 2 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC. When we see all this dark atmosphere it is hard to imagine that one of the inspirations for the game was… SpongeBob.

In this third-person perspective game, bold players will assume the role of Jacob Lee, a man sent to the maximum security penitentiary in Callisto to face his destination. As soon as he arrives in his cell, the prison plunges into the full chaos. To escape, the prisoners will have to face horrible scenes, and arm in great courage.


The Callisto Protocol inspired by SpongeBob?

Here is a phrase that survival horror fans did not expect to read. The world of benevolent SpongeBob Square Pants is far from that where Jacob Lee is immersed, made of blood and violence. However, the adventures in the bikini slit really inspired The Callisto Protocol Character Design director.

According to him, the characters in the Nickelodeon design are true gold mines and Glance Long hi were very inspired by them for the animation of the movements of these space monsters that will terrorize the players.

The strength of cartoons

Character design director continued to say that anime in general can be a monstrous source of inspiration to him. Cartoon characters would be partly defined by their movements and easily express their intentions with a simple gesture, thanks to very noticeable style impulses.

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