Murautys new version: less hot tub, content diversity and happier

Murautys new version: less hot tub, content diversity and happier

After abandoning the media spotlights for a while after her husband, who came to tell her that she would kill her dogs and end her empire, Kaitlyn Syracuse, better known as Murmurs, has become stronger than ever. This is reflected by the statistics that the creator herself has shared on the Twitter profile of her in which she shows the variety of themes in which she has moved in recent months on Twitch.

In these statistics, which can be seen in the tweet from below, Mutant describes the hours of content and theme of each of them. In these, Just Chatting and Just Dance predominate over the others, above the Hot Tub, a modality on which a large part of content had based before all these problems occurred.


Moreover, the creator herself was proud of that change, reflecting that right now she plays more to Overwatch 2 than transmission hours at Hot Tub, where every month she did 50% or more of that content on her channel of her channel Twitch This has completely released it, giving it more content versatility doing what you want and without depending on anything or anyone.

Despite criticism, Murmurs takes the reins of his own destiny

As with everything in life, you make the decision you make or do whatever you do, there will always be a person who will not see it well and who will try to criticize your actions, although you cross one of the worst moments of your life and you replenish him trying to show a better version of yourself.

After changing the name on her Twitter account, to put the battery in real life, many opportunistic people accused her that all these movements and the event of the events that have happened in recent weeks to use it in her favor, took advantage of To breastfeed your work and show that you can do what you want and be happy: I can do what I want and keep winning 7 figures a month. Life is better.

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