How to defeat the hater at God of War Ragnarok

How to defeat the hater at God of War Ragnarok

In the God of War Ragnarök in nine worlds, six dragons are scattered that need to be closed. Of course, since this is the game of God of War, their closure of their snot from what comes out of these holes entails them. In this case, this is a drag named hated, which has a difficult story with immortality, which Rates needs to be solved. Here’s how to put out this flame.

How to defeat the hater from Drug Holes in God of War Ragnarök

The Hateful can be an overwhelming battle if the players allow this to be. Many meetings with the bosses in the God of War Ragnarök are taking one on 1. This is not the case here, because The Hateful firmly believes in the invitation of several people to a party. Let your companion deal with additional enemies while you are focusing on causing harm to the hated 1. Since there are six different holes of the dragons, the haters met will have a different level of health. There is nothing shameful in increasing the level of your equipment and returning when you are better prepared.

As for the battle itself, The Hateful also loves to set fire to Rates. Follow them, evade when the ring becomes red, and apply counterattacks as often as possible, as they are extremely effective. In addition, there is nothing special in this battle, because hated is just a drag with a bizarre title. Most likely, by the time you find your first Dragon hole, you fought a lot. The only difference is that this has more health. So go forward and show them a mistake to jump out of this hole.


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