[Photo] Two platforms, two demonstrations Be a star 2 booth

[Photo] Two platforms, two demonstrations Be a star 2 booth

This G-Star has so many large booths, so it’s fun to see the booths with the characteristics of each game company. It’s a neat look, where you focus on the demonstration, and another somewhere on the stage.


Among the various booths, there is a booth in the middle of the second exhibition hall. It is the first star 2 with G-Star as a star. Flint, who prepared a total of 80 demonstration devices with 50 PCs and 30 mobiles, became a star.

The game is darker than I thought, and it has a heavy atmosphere. The flint booth with 2 mainly is unified with tone down colors. In addition to the intense character panel, the wonderful illustrations, and the event zone that moved the in-game places, and the goods that stimulate the desire to the small intestine, the booth that led the eye was completed.

How about a flint booth decorated like the entrance of the castle around the middle stage? Oh, it becomes a star, in the case of 2, the PC version can be played completely from the beginning of the game, and the mobile can experience the version where all content is open. It’s best if you are demonstrating both platforms, but if you don’t have time, it’s recommended to decide which version to play in advance.

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