[G -Star Preview] What kind of game will you come out? 1 main booth

Gamers’ festival G-Star came ahead. As if they were canceled or reduced by the Corona 19 influence, this year, this year, this year, we will return to the size of the past and welcome visitors.

In line with this, game companies such as Nixon, Net marble, Crampon, Remade, Neo wiz, Level Infinite, Long Games, and Hobo Bus predicted their booth operation with their expectations. In many ways, large crowds are expected, so it is good to plan in advance for efficient viewing.

So where and what kind of game are the major game companies that have prepared this year? The booths of the first exhibition hall first were examined first.


Nixon will participate in the event at 300 booths, the largest single. It will offer four games and five trailers with the slogan ‘Return’ as a slogan.

The demonstration works are new , which has been a hot topic for being overwhelmingly positive, even though it is the last early access, even though it is the last early access to the Making Mobile, New Root Shooter First Dependent, and Cart rider. It is the back.

In addition, you can enjoy the trailers and play videos of Dungeon & Fighter Universe and . In addition, you can also find videos related to Casual MMORPG’s sequel to the popularity of the 90s, SPORTS Online, SPORTS and MORPH .

Demonstration title



Video public title



Net marble will participate in 100 booths and 160 demonstrations. In the field, various competitions and prizes will be held for visitors or influencers. There is also a Net marble Store Zone using the open stage and Net marble’s representative character.

Demonstrators boast a variety of genre lineups. The first is the action RPG based on the popular web novels and webtoons. The story mode that follows the original narrative, the time attack mode competing with the boss treatment time, and the gate mode where you can experience various hunters other than the main character will be released.

Sorry Open World MMORPG , which adapts the same name drama IP, also meets gamers for the first time. The main content is the climate change of day and night and the strength and cooperation between the three forces. Studio Dragon, which produced leading popular dramas, is planning to jointly develop IP from Season 2.

The TPS MOB genre is also a key game mode of the 5: 5 match. In the case of the real-time battle royale game, Hope Squad, the 60-person Battle Royale mode and the two teams will be divided into a touchdown mode that destroys the opponent’s camp with a bomb.

Demonstration title











Battle Royale


Craft ton is looking for G-Star with 100 booths. Through its own broadcast Craft ton TV, we are planning a variety of broadcast programs with famous BJs and entertainers. In addition to creator broadcasts such as Miracle, Turin, and calm man, on the last day, ‘Battleground Catch’ will be held with Kim Jong-un, Song Jimmy, Hi Yeo-jin, and Ha-ha.

The key to the core is the next SF survival horror, Callisto Protocol, produced by Dead Space’s father, Glenn Schofield. At this event, the 30s experience PS5 was prepared. It will be released on December 2, the nearby time. There is also a stage to experience the turn-based strategy table-top game created by Union Walls. Experience PCs in their 30s will be prepared.

The Tower Defense Title will also be released. The game is a game where four players get a card through auction in real time, configure the deck and block the monsters.

As a non-game content, Virtual artist Ana visits the field. Anna, who targets the global Z generation with music and performance, will expand its activities to various areas such as Crampon’s e-sports, global events, and meth uses. In September, he made his official debut as a singer by unveiling his first digital single, SHINE Bright, at home and abroad.


In 2022, G-Star’s main sponsor Remade will set up a 200 booth on the theme of ‘Life Is Game’. It is explained that you can meet an ecosystem consisting of a game and a mix.

The game titles include Legend of Marrow and Night Crow, which are about to be released in 2023. On Thursday, 17th, Mad Engine, CEO of Mad Engine, who leads the development of new works, and Remade X RAN Seok-hoon PD will hold an open talk that describes the details of the game.

There is also an event to illuminate the game in various ways. There will be a lot of fun, including new characters’ cosplay performances, team competitions with influencers, and large quiz survivals. Handle Event Square will also hold outdoor booths, match large puzzles, and fill the ball pool ball, and provide rewards to visitors who have completed the mission.

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