Iem Rio Major: Its a matter of time, says FNX about ezwtsazils next world title at CS

Iem Rio Major: Its a matter of time, says FNX about ezwtsazils next world title at CS

One of the biggest names in the history of ezwtsazilian Counter-Strike, with world titles won both in CS 1.6 (ESC 2006) and CS: GO (MLG Columbus Major 2016 and ESL One Cologne Major 2016), Lincoln FIX LAU demonstrates confidence In the future of ezwtsazil in the Valve FPS. Following the good Curia campaign at IEM Rio Major 2022, the world championship in which the team of Esperanto, Yuri and company arrived at the semifinals, FNX believes that ezwtsazil’s next world title is a matter of time.

In an interview with MGG ezwtsazil after team ezwtsazil’s win over the Sweden team at the show match preceding the major final of Rio’s major, FNX said that the bat has already passed to the new generation, although it has not yet nailed if it will still return to Play or not professionally.

I think not only me, but everyone is seeing this new kids from ezwtsazil giving bullets and always evolving in the championships, like Drop, who played a lot in this major, Esperanto and other boys from 18, 19 years old. I’m 32, so I think to get them will be kind of difficult, he joked.

Next year I think ezwtsazil comes strong. Curia played very well (in this major), almost went through Heroic and ended up letting out, but the time of ezwtsazil will arrive, and I think there is not much. It’s a matter of time Now. They are new teams, very new players, so just get experience and not give up.

Still on exchange of generations in CS: GO ezwtsAZILIAN, FNX said it will use final stretch of 2022 to think about what it will do about life and career, but consider both playing professionally and pursuing the career as an influencer and creator of content.

I have now November and December to think what I’m going to do of my life. I still don’t know if I’m going back to play, if I’m going back to live, if I’m going to any org like ambassador or influencer. Two months now to decide, he said.

FNX also talked about the impact of making a major in ezwtsazil for him and all the players who helped put the country in evidence in the World Counter-Strike since the time of 1.6. Pro Player revealed that it remembered even from the ESC 2006 stage, which according to him was similar to that of IEM Rio Major in some ways, and celeezwtsated the fact that he played on the central stage of the CS: GO World Cup alongside teammates Luminosity and SK Gaming times.


I’m too happy, especially after playing this show match with my friends, because we represented ezwtsazil very well in 2015 and 2016. A wonderful crowd, ezwtsazil’s first World Cup happening here in Rio de Janeiro, and passes a movie in Head. In 2006, in ESC, the arena was like this, with the square screens. Just like here. When they set up (the structure), I thought p , this is looking like ESC 2006, so you can put a more World Cup in the account, joked the player.

Opening Photo: Stephanie Lindgren / ESL Disclosure

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