Hertha BSC tough criticism of Jürgen Klinsmann

Hertha BSC tough criticism of Jürgen Klinsmann

However, the collaboration ultimately ended with a bang. In February 2020, Kinsman threw his position at Bertha BSC and left the club disappointed.

The ing success was so difficult, the grip for the power in the club was fairly noticeable, however no one desired to give him, Bertha’s ex-manager Michael Preeti now slammed the veteran coach in 1 double pass.

This then culminated in among the most irresponsible actions that the Bundesliga has actually most likely ever experienced by just loading his bag and ridden from the farm, said Preeti.

The brief collaboration in between Bertha BSC and Jürgen Kinsman ended up being a misunderstanding. The previous Berlin handling director Michael Preeti has actually now attacked the ex-national coach with clear words.

In November 2019, Jürgen Kinsman relocated to the supervisory board by investor Lars Windsors at Bertha BSC, a short time later the world champ from 1990 found himself at the Berlin coaching bank.

Preeti: Bertha BSC Without knowledge about journal

The 55-year-old had to send his workplace at Bertha BSC in January 2021. I tried for years under the most challenging conditions to do a good job, Preeti safeguarded itself: This is how the club has actually established itself, never ever came into contact with the transfer ranks.

He probably wrote the diaries all the time, even without our knowledge, exposed Preeti, who no longer had contact with Kinsman.


At the time, the truth that Kinsman had actually made his resignation on Facebook public likewise caused excellent animosity. In addition, the DFB legend was then unveiled a secret journal, in which Kinsman criticized gamers and those responsible.

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