Studio Ghibli announces a collaboration with Lucfilm, but does not confirm if its Star Wars: Visions

Studio Ghibli announces a collaboration with Lucfilm, but does not confirm if its Star Wars: Visions

In these times it is complicated that the leaks do not occur before the official announcement, but Studio Ghibli h succeeded. The renowned Japanese animation study h revealed a collaboration with Lucfilm. He h done it through a brief video published in the official Twitter account, A clip that does not reveal the nature of the project , since only the logos of Studio Ghibli and Lucfilm appear.

At the moment there are no more details in this regard, although Lucfilm h allied with Japanese studies to develop the Star Wars Visions mythological series , whose second seon will be releed in spring of 2023. Is this the mysterious Ghibli project?

The second seon will celebrate the animation from different countries

Although the first seon of Star Wars: Visions collected only Japanese animation short films, the new batch of episodes will focus its attention on animation styles around the world . Among the confirmed countries are South Africa, Spain, Chai, the United States, France, Japan, or the United Kingdom.

Lucfilm is developing numerous Star Wars projects for Disney+. The most recent series, Ardor, h not yet completed and will close its first seon within two weeks, when episode number 12 is broadct. The creative team led by Tony Gilroy will record the second seon From this month November, although it will not be releed until 2024.

Beyond Ardor, 2023 is plagued with productions of the saga: in January the second seon of the bad spike will debut, while what in February we can enjoy The Mandalorian 3 . The spin-off of the series starring Din Darin, oka and Skeleton Crew, are also scheduled for next year. In addition, the production of The Acolyte, the first audiovisual product set at the time known the high republic, h just started filming.

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