Overwatch 2: Exclusive information about the new Rammatra hero;
 It has two shapes and two ults

Overwatch 2: Exclusive information about the new Rammatra hero; It has two shapes and two ults

We had a chance to interview three members of the Overwatch 2 design team who worked at Mantra , the new hero of the game. Dion Rogers, Art Director Alec Dawson, heroes’ chief designer and Gavin Jurgens-Fyhrie, chief of narrative.

If you have no context, know that Mantra was revealed on November 4 during the end of to Overwatch league . Fans were then able to see his origin story and understand that he was an comic leader fighting for the freedom of his people. He is a tank and the 36th hero on the current list.

Two characters in one? Grammar has two cults

The greatest information to be remembered concerns the form of Mantra or at least… its two forms. Nothing to do with BASSO Nor D.VA, for example, that can change shape. This is something new with a character that will have two skill sets and two ultimate.

Basically, Mantra will be in the form maniac
Thanks to a skill (probably e), it can change to the form nemesis , much stronger (more HP) and powerful.

A cooldown will be necessary to change shape. It can attack opponents or giving violent punches in the form of nemesis, while attacking at the comic form, but we still don’t know much about their skills.

Regarding synergy, we only know that Lucio will be a good curator for him while Ana will be a constant threat with his sleepy dart. Like most tanks with the 5v5 goal, Mantra may defend his allies, but above all cause great damage. It looks like he has no shield.

A story closely linked to Kenyatta’s

We suspect that Kenyatta and Mantra would have an interconnected story, but it goes far beyond. The developers revealed us that the two characters were close as others in the past, spending whole nights discussing philosophy, but that their different perspectives on things kept them apart.

As we know, Kenyatta became the voice of wisdom while Mantra became a key member of the zero sector, working closely with Talon (fatal, Doom fist, Reaper, Shadow).

It seems that today, Kenyatta and Mantra have a relationship worthy of Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto in X-Men. Old friends with the same will, but not using the same methods.

Of course, many new voice lines will be added to the game, and it will be very interesting to play with both characters in the same team to learn more.


If you also want to know more about Kenyatta, who has never had many moments of the scene, the team made it clear to us that Mantra’s arrival would allow us to learn more about him. Unfortunately, we had no additional information on the future EVE mode or the possible connection between the tradition of the Omnicom and the crisis in London.

Any planned change for the Natalia Pass of Season 2?

Mantra will be available from Overwatch 2 Season 2, on December 6th. Developers still do not know whether to unlock the characters will be modified or not, but are aware that there have been criticism of season 1. More information will be revealed soon, such as the new map that supposedly will come with the hero.

Regarding the content of the battle pass (rewards), they prefer to maintain a system similar to season 1 with a lightweight theme and varied rewards to try to please all players. The price of skins in the store is also a subject, but we do not know whether it will be rebellious or not.

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