Marvel Snap: All about his seon 2, Wakanda fighters

Marvel Snap: All about his seon 2, Wakanda fighters

This week the premiere of Black Panther is celebrated: Wakanda Forever -Attentive, this afternoon there will be criticism in Mere-, and how could it be otherwise, it is also commemorated in Marvel Snap . In fact, this same night started seon 2 of the card game of the moment on mobile devices and PC with the name of Wakanda fighters , a seon in which we can get new letters and rewards bed on Black Panther and its characters.


all the news of seon 2

During this seon, Wakanda fighters, we can enjoy a lot of novelties related to the saga, knowing that the cards of characters such Kill monger and Enamor , antagonists of the original and of Wakanda Forever, respectively. However, we have to celebrate the arrival of the Black Panther letter, which will be the reward of level 1 of the battle ps, also adding letters such m´Baku or Shari .

This Black Panther letter aims to be practically essential on decks bed on revealing with Odin. With 5 of energy necessary to be played, it offers us 4 of power, but when revealing that amount, which is we manage to combine with the aforementioned Odin, will end up becoming no less than 16. In this way, Black Panther becomes since In an alternative to consider for Zamora, which h exactly the same cost, especially thinking that both Nadia and Okay serve to enhance it well.

In addition, thanks to the battle ps this seon we can get more rewards, not only in the form of potentiates to improve letters, but also of credits, gold and mysterious variants . But obviously we have some of them insured, among which are variants of letters such Nadia or Okay, in addition to their respective icons. Meanwhile, at level 47 we can get a Black Panther’s thematic back, being the level 50 reward an aesthetic variant of the protagonist of this seon.

In next articles we will break down the content that comes with this second seon to Marvel Snap. It is expected that to the new letters that are also revealed, we can enjoy new locations that take an unexpected turn to the departure to veteran players who already know the vt majority of them.

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