Lol: Rekkles opens the door to a change of position and could play the next 2023

Lol: Rekkles opens the door to a change of position and could play the next 2023

Not even having spent a year away from the elite has been enough to blur the memory of Reckless . Considered as one of the best shooters in the history of League of Legends European, the player does not seem willing to spend another season away from the biggest tournament at the continental level. An expected return on which there are still doubts, but that is closer after a surprising decision of the player. Facing the 2023 season, the former Fanatic and G2 Esports will not only look for a hole in the shooter position, but also is willing to play as support .

A change of position that is only understood by knowing Reckless

We are not going to deny that the possibility of seeing Reckless playing as a support in the maximum European competition makes us frown. However, the support position is not at all outside the player. Throughout his career, he has always chosen it as secondary position in qualifying items, dominating the sorcerers with solvency. For example, In season 12, Janna has played more than 115 times . In this sense, yes, he could put the paste that all the champions he uses are of the same category.

Everything is said, even if LEC Woo loo is a guarantee in terms of leaks, you don’t have to take information like Reckless will play 100% in the support position next season. It is a path that the player would have taken to increase his chances of staying in the elite. Even , another legendary Europe For years, he started as a shooter.

In that sense, the change of position in the Bot Lane seems one of the most grateful in the Legends Competitive Legends. Now It is about to see if a team decides to bet on Reckless and if, in case of doing so, he decides to grant him the support position instead of how shooter. Of course, it will be a fairly attractive option for LEC sets, although the teams begin to close their templates without having great news about the Swedish.

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