XBOX GAME PS SHEET ON YOUR TEAM TO Football Manager 2023 for several seons

XBOX GAME PS SHEET ON YOUR TEAM TO Football Manager 2023 for several seons

A couple of days ago we learned that the console version of the great Football Manager 2023 would reach Game Ps on November 8 (right now!), And now we can also confirm that Microsoft h signed for several seons. It h not transcended many, although it is ensured that it is for a long space of time, nor the amount for which it h been made effective.


Football management and Xbox football men are in luck

It is Spain there is a very long, healthy and well-avenue tradition with soccer managers thanks to PC Soccer, the successful Spanish manager. So this news h special draft and importance in our country. For our part, here in Meditation we already count the praises of the game in our analysis. Alberto Zaragoza told us there that it w an almost perfect formula that continues to improve, while recognizing the historical importance of the Sports Interactive franchise.

In its lt delivery, deeper but at the same time more accessible, the only thing that can be attributed, in addition to its continuous tone (it is difficult to improve the perfect, everything must be said) is its graphic pect, which does not have just made the leap new levels. Although we all know that in this type of games it is the let important, it would not be more to take a joy for the eyes in addition to doing so through command.

If you want to know more about the game, in Meditation we publish today a interview Director Sports Interactive, thousands Jacobson . It w in the offices of London, and he told us about many things that will surely interest you, such the novelties of this new installment, the challenge of the immense game databe, and how Football Manager is a reference for that Real football clubs. You have it available in this link for your enjoyment.

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