LOL: Meet Izanagi, a team that played the IGNIS CUP playoffs

LOL: Meet Izanagi, a team that played the IGNIS CUP playoffs

IGN IS CUP is the First Female Championship of League of Legends organized by Riot Games. We also had the Wild Rift Women’s Championship, the Wild Circuit Tour Game Changers and Along, with the Game Changers Championship. All of this proves that the female scenario is growing, and female players are gaining more recognition. One of the participating teams is called Izanagi and he faced Pain at IGN IS CUP on November 1 .

Remembering that this initiative for female players also includes members of the LGBTQIA+ community, with trans players, transvestites and non-binary people.

line-up from Izanagi

  • Top: Bonekinha-Alexis di Angelo Oliveira Mendes (she/hers)
  • Huntress: Lilianmesmo-Lilian Gomes Pereira (she/hers)
  • Middle: Allie-Thatiane de Jesus Modesto Gomes Pereira (she/hers)
  • Throw: Meniim√°-Gaiela Morin Barbosa (she/hers)
  • Support: Pandora-Yellow Merlin (she/hers)

The team played the playoffs against the pain gaming in the quarterfinals, but did not qualify. This does not mean that girls have not worked or even thrashed in their performance.

We at MGG azil we made an interview with the team and had response from Anderson , Team CEO , plus Tatiana , a head coach . Check below:

How did your interest in LOL’s competitive scenario emerged? How much do you participate in tournaments?

R: Far beyond the female scenario, Izanagi was created to make a difference. We believe that if we can fight for titles in the main eSports championships and provide fantastic experiences for our audience, the package is complete So, in addition to competing, we do actions/projects for the Gamer/Geek crowd in the south of the country, such as: Stomachs, Card and Board Games meetings, watch games together, thematic parties, support for geeks events, among others, Really, to foster this niche here.
We also understand the importance of a oad look at our society, so with each win in championships, we planted 1 tree in deforestation zones. In addition, part of our championship awards is donated to an NGO that helps vulnerable people.
So, coming back to the question, being on the LOL’s female scene and supporting competitions for cis or trans women, they are part of the values of our organization, and we will do everything to our power to grow and make girls’ dreams play the competitive and having the game as a profession.
The seed about the LOL Women’s Line project was planted a year and a half ago, but only with the announcement of the IGN IS CUP that the project took traction, which 1 month ago.

How was the process of setting up the team (Try Out, people already knew each other/were friends, other options)?

R: It was a difficult process, because as the championship was announced on the qualifiers, we did 2 weeks of Tryouts, until we close with them all, and from there we had 1 week and a half to train.

How was the experience of going through the qualifiers and reaching the playoffs?

R: It was a new experience for some girls, but very rewarding. Despite the little training time, they fit very well, but the nervousness disrupted a little in the second qualifying.
But we are very happy with our result and being able to participate in the first official female championship of Riot.

What are your expectations for teams? Which teams do you find stronger?

R: Expectations? All! We want 1st place, and we are working hard for it. We believe the strongest team is Pain, which was in 1st place in both qualifying, and we will face in our first game. But we are very confident in our potential and result.

LOL’s female competitive scenario has had other important moments before, but this is the first time Riot Games itself organizes something official. How do you see this moment of the scenario?

R: We believe it is an opportunity for all the girls who always wanted to get into the competitive scenario. This ings visibility to them! It’s time to show that they are as capable as men.

How was the team preparation for playoffs?


R: We had little time to prepare, but we train hard and now is to put it into practice. There were many conversations, gods, scrims, and we believe in our potential.

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