Splatoon 3 Emergency Apde Ver.1.2.1 distributed today. Emergency response to the two rules destruction system defects

Nintendo announced on October 28 that it will distribute Platoon 3 updated data Very.1.2.1 today at 15:00. Immediately after the update of very.1.2.0 the other day, there was a problem that could break the game rule itself, and it was urgently responded. The update contents are as follows:

・ In the Gachihoko battle, when Gachihoko was installed on a cannon, the problem that the players installed seemed to be still from the other player were fixed.
・ In the Gachihoko battle, we have corrected the problem that the count goes to 1, despite the fact that Gachihoko has not been advanced to the goal.
・ If you enter the inc rail while using a jetpack or a Hollander, the arrival point when your allay is super jumping toward you is not the place where the special is used, but the starting point of the incler. Fixed the problem.

First, the two corrections will be a problem in the bunker match in the Gachihoko battle, which was reported in our magazine the other day. In Gachihoko Battle, there is a cannon between the enemy goal and the center of the stage. It is necessary to put a gachihoko on the cannon in front of the goal, but when there is a gachihoko near the cannon, the count becomes 1 under certain conditions (related article). It was a bug that could break the rules of the Gachihoko Battle itself, and Nintendo immediately deleted the Gachihoko battle from the rotation of the Ankara Match. Furthermore, it seems that this problem has been revised.

  • Video of Gachihoko defective

It seems that the bug that could be destroyed the rules was also a bug in the defect of the corrected inc lain. When using a special jetpack or a shokwonder, you can temporarily move the field freely and return to the place that is activated after the special end. Even if you do a super jumping to a special player, it is correct to reach the activated place.

However, when I entered the nuclear while using a jetpack or a Hollander, there was a problem that my friends could super jump at the inc rail point. What I can do with this is that by entering the enemy team with a jetpack or a shokwonder, entering the inc rail, it was designed to be able to back all over. To the last, it is not very effective unless the in-clause start is a deep map. However, if you can cover it so easily, the design of various battles, including Gachisari, may collapse. The correction has been made right away.

  • Video of inc rail defect

In Platoon 3, many problems have been reported since its release. Although the update is responded each time, it is a state where new bugs are being created by updates. Platoon 3 sells with the momentum of bamboo, and has many players, so it is an environment where bugs are likely to be found. It can be said to be the fate of popular games. However, it is also true that users are anxious if bugs are found one after another. I want to watch the hard work of the development team.

Platoon 3 is on sale for Nintendo Switch.

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