Visual Nobel, Steam released in Google Street View

Visual Nobel, Steam released in Google Street View

What if you can enjoy the street view and enjoy the visual Nobel?

On the 14th, indie game developer Yamaha released a travel communication visual Nobel on Steam, The Hometown of Strait ~. The protagonist is a boy who returns to his hometown of Mandate with a letter of letter, and the main story is to walk around his hometown with a childhood friend. In the process, the protagonist finds his memories little by little.


What stands out is the genre of travel communication. It looks like you’re talking around and talking around, but in reality, the player has to go around through the Google Street View and play the game. The game, part of the developer’s personal project, Rosemary, was developed to find new possibilities in the travel communication genre. Rosemary is an abbreviation that combines two letters in the syllable of the alley (地 を が ば, Logic MahaRERA).

The Rosemary Project was influenced by the Hokkaido background, which was released in 1999 in 1999. It was sponsored by the Hokkaido revitalization campaign organization, and the actual shops and facilities in Hokkaido appeared directly in the game and provided a feeling of traveling to Hokkaido. Inspired by this, developers have started their projects to find new possibilities for travel communication games.

In this work, the developer used the Google Map API to accurately show the purpose of the project. The conversation of the game and the movement of the street view are properly combined, and as the street view is used, the scenery of all reality preserved on Google Maps is the background of the game, adding to the reality. However, if you exceed the Google Map API of more than a certain number of Google Map APIs, it is not a game, and the game may slow down according to the browser to run the game in the browser.

If you go around the alley, the hometown of the Strait supports only Japanese, and you can see it for 5,500 won on Steam.

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