They reveal the duration that Vankyrie Elysium will have

They reveal the duration that Vankyrie Elysium will have

During the last weeks, Square Enix has been promoting in a quite constant way to Valkyrie Elysium , game RPG Action that will make it back to such a beloved franchise. And now that it is nothing to go on sale, its official duration has been announced, this to encourage fans to give their deserved opportunity.


In advance, the editors of the magazine Fujitsu could already complete the video game, at the same time they could already give their respective verdict through an in-depth review. And here are the hours that the average user will invest to finish the Nordic style adventure, confirming that it will be approximately 18 without extra missions.

It is worth mentioning that all this time can be extended, since the video game will not have a single ending, so they must cross it some more times to have the true outcome. To this is added that everything will be infested with secondary missions, thus extending the game time for users.

There is currently a free demo for console holders PlayStation , either PS4 or PS5 , in which users will experience just over an hour of the main adventure. It is worth mentioning that the game data cannot be transferred to the full version, so they must play it from the beginning when they acquire their copy.

Remember that the title is launched on September 29 in PS4 and PS5 . For their part, users of PC must wait until November 11. **

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