TGS VR 2022 Photo Repo!
 In VR Makuhari, huge lizas and blue eyes appeared!

TGS VR 2022 Photo Repo! In VR Makuhari, huge lizas and blue eyes appeared! [TGS2022]

TGS2022 was held from September 15 to September 18. Behind the reality of the reality, TGS VR 2022 was held at the same time this year. Last year’s TGS VR 2021 exhibited scenes in which the beast giants destroy the wall from Monday Rise Magi Mag ado and Attack on Titan.

This event is very immersive this year, as it will be a form of displaying a 3D model. Therefore, in this article, the TGS VR 2022 booth is delivered in a photo repo. Here are some booths where the tension has risen. The VR device Meta Quest 2 used by me. By the way, there are many points that should be seen like a museum exhibition, so I will introduce it while omitting it.

◆ Core area

Various statues are greeted in the central area. In the TGS2021, Gun dam and Sonic have welcomed them, but this year, Blue Eyes White Dragon and a huge Liza have been added. There was even an optimal ex suit.

In this main hall, it is URI that you can go sightseeing in VR while experiencing the history of game by descending underground. It is the main space of this event.

When you dive underground, the game quiz will be questioned at the GEO GALLERY OF GAME HISTORY booth, and there is also an attraction that passes through Jesus/No Gate. The correct answer was also a gift that could be worn in this VR space.

● Boa trace

When you enter the side road from the Core area, there is a booth where you can enjoy a 3D video that can actually experience the boat race. It was a powerful attraction.


● SEGA/Atlas

Here, Morgan appeared from Sonic and Persona 5. Last year, it was an area where the statue of Jack Frost appeared.

● BANZAI NAMC Entertainment

ONE PIECE ODYSSEY and Dragon Ball The Breakers are introduced. It will be an irresistible lineup for manga lovers.

● Ministry of the Environment

The Ministry of the Environment, which was exhibited last year. Like last year, he advocated eco-friendly exhibits that tickle gamers.

● Imprint

Here, the VR title Groove Fit Island !! was exhibited. Tasteful characters are impressive.

● Ralph Lauren

The apparel brand Ralph Lauren was also opened in VR. Putting your avatar wear the same brand’s clothes will make you feel fashionable.


If you have a cup in the VR space, you will want to drink. NPC, who was a legendary coffee appraiser, was a clerk.

◆ Desert Area

● Goa Team Games

Here, various Liza appear by pose from Liza’s Atelier. There were three shooting spots. Including the huge Liza statue in the Core area, I was able to see her as many as four.

● Cap com

At the Cap com booth, the exhibitions of Expecting and Street Fighter 6 are available! The huge model is truly impressive.

● Kolyma Productions

That room of Desist was reproduced. I want to enter the toilet and shower room unintentionally.

● Magic: The Gathering

Here you can see the illustrations of Magic: The Gathering. Card games and VRS with a sense of immersion may have good affinity.


● Guinea

At the EUGENIA booth, there were FPGA on the battlefield related models.

● Character bank

Here, the street corner of the VR game RUINSMAGUS is reproduced as it is. In this event, the VR title is still a gorgeous specification.


PARK is a service that allows you to enjoy virtual events. The mascot character VARK-kun had a presence.



Here is what I raised my tension. Blue Eyes White Dragon can be summoned in the duel field after Yu-Gi-Oh! Cross Duel. I was able to experience the card gamer’s dream, I want to summon a monster for a moment.

● Square Enix

Here, the 3D models of the clouds and FF illustrations that you will always want to watch are on display! Buster swords were also floating, but honestly, I can’t introduce them!

● Paul town

Here, the mascot character of Paul town welcomes you in connection with the meta spring.

● Savior

● Methane

The meta spring NFT Methane was also exhibited. A cute avatar gets a lot of looks.

● Discredit: CA

The title Discredit: CA was the title of DEAREST, a VR game development company that exhibited a luxurious booth last year. In the dome, even a mini event was held.

● Cover

And from the cover, the horror project Love ERROR of Hero Live is exhibited. It was a masterpiece that the Tuber panel related to this work lined up with Curare.

● Zone Energy

And the Zone Energy booth installed in various places. When I picked up the Zone can, a flashy effect occurred. It can be said that it is a production unique to VR.

Every year, TG SVR is so unreasonable that it will disappear after the event ends. What are you waiting for next year? Recently, real events have increased, but online services have been significantly advanced due to corona. For game fans, the number of items to be checked seems to increase.

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