Nitori will be exhibited for the first time in the Tokyo Game Show -Cool & fashionable gaming furniture [TGS2022]

At the Tokyo Game Show 2022 venue held at Madurai Jesse on September 15 (Thursday), Nitric , which sells furniture and interior products, will be exhibited for the first time. A set that allows you to build a gaming room with a sense of unity in the set, chairs, etc. are displayed.

Nitric sometimes sells its own products, and it seems that it was rarely exhibited at such an exhibition, including furniture exhibitions. The exhibition know-how is not enough, but by installing Nitric’s signboard at the booth, he has devised himself so that he will definitely notice that it is Nitric. Regarding the background of the exhibition, the booth staff said that although the brands for gamers have already been deployed around 2019, they are not yet aware of it and have taken the exhibition.

Except for monitors, the advantage is that all furniture can be provided in one set, and in this booth, there is a set of dress-like dress that seems to have a red line based on black, and a stylish set. Two were on display. These include a wagon chair with a desk, monitor, shelf, and cup holder. The former set is 87,180 yen, and the white one is about 72,180 yen. It is said that it will be nearly 120,000 yen, including lighting for distribution.

The white model set is a product to be developed in the future, and the number of female gamers is increasing, so we aim to get new needs. According to the person in charge, the reaction at the venue is excellent, and the number of female gamers (distributors) is increasing.

At this stage, there is no specific story, but he said, I would like to consider a new device if there is a good story that can collaborate with other gaming peripheral manufacturers.

Although it became a hot topic because the furniture manufacturer Nitric exhibited, it is convenient to be able to arrange unified furniture at one store, and there is no need to choose. Furniture for gamers is now available from many manufacturers, but it may be active in the future.

Tokyo Game Show 2022 is being held at Madurai Jesse / International Exhibition Hall on September 15th to 18th (general release after 14:00 on the 16th, 17th and 18th). Nitric booth is exhibited in Hall 2.

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