Splatoon 3 Splatinging – the best use and weaknesses

Splatoon 3 Splatinging – the best use and weaknesses

Splat on 3 offers many ways to conduct ink-based combat operations. You can choose from many types of weapons, but when it comes to heavy weapons, Splatting is in the weight of ink. This weapon shoots a huge amount of ink in a relatively short time after charging. Below you can find a list of strengths and weaknesses, as well as various weapons like Plataea.

Platoon 3 Spray Power

Few types of weapons can cover with ink as much land as Splat lings. Charging the shot Massive flurry ink which covers a large territory and can quickly break the opponents. He has excellent range and good quantity damage which means that any enemy that has fallen into the radius of your explosion will most likely die.

  • Great ranges.
  • Good damage.
  • It can quickly cover most of the earth with ink.

Platoon 3 Splatting weaknesses

The main disadvantages of Splatting are its deficiency from mobility and the fact that you must charge to shoot it, or it almost does not shoot ink. This leaves you open to attack from a faster weapon, which means that you will need to stay at a distance. In addition, due to the fact that in every shot a flurry of ink flies out, you will need to constantly refuel inkwell. He also suffers when the enemy faces you in close combat.

  • In general, slowly.
  • Spray of the unrelated shot cost nothing.
  • Consumes a lot of ink.

Platoon 3 Weapons Plating Type

Heavy spray * (Level 4)
Sprayer : a device that attaches to the ground or walls and spray inks. It works at full power when you place it, but gradually weakens. You can only place one at a time.
The destroyer of the waves : launches a device that generates sound waves to bring hidden opponents to open space. Waves spread on the ground, noting and inflicting damage to all opponents whom they concern. To avoid damage, just jump over each wave.
mini spray * (level 12)
Explosive bomb : a bomb that explodes when touching something. This is a small, weak explosion, but it does not consume a lot of ink, so you can throw one after another.
Ultra stamp : Attack with a huge hammer. Click and hold ZR to move forward, striking with a hammer. If you click and let go, you will throw the hammer far for the attack, and the special issue will end.
Smiles Hydra * (Level 20)
Autobomb : a bomb that automatically finds opponents. He will look for opponents in the place where you abandon it, and if he finds, he automatically begins to go to them. When he approaches the enemy, he stops and explodes.
buoy bomb : Direct the energy into an explosive ink ball and run it into the enemy. By sending and receiving buoy from your team, you can quickly gain strength. The teammates, sending Booths, will be rewarded with a small filling of a special scale.

Nautilus 47 * (level 28)
Point sensor : A device that marks the closest opponents in the place where it was abandoned. He shows the whereabouts of the opponents to your teammates.
Ink storm : Throw this device to create an ink rain cloud. The cloud gradually moves away from the place where the device was thrown.
Spray with a ballpoint pen * (level 30)
Sawing bomb: bomb with special carbon ink. Rather R to gain strength, then use up to three explosives. Shake the controller, move the joystick or press the buttons to quickly gain power!
injury : This throws you into the air, spraying ink, which allows you to attack opponents using the attached launcher. You can temporarily rise higher by pressing R.

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