How to use a strange parchment in Genshin Impact – Luxurious chest guide

How to use a strange parchment in Genshin Impact – Luxurious chest guide

A strange parchment is a quest item that you will receive after the end of the world task called Head of Royindzhan: Ling in the quest line of Vi man Asama. After reading it, you will find a map on which the locations of several control points are marked, as well as the last treasure. The solution of this puzzle will bring you many awards, including the desired luxurious chest.

How to solve the puzzle Strange parchment in a pile in Genshin Impact

To solve the puzzle strange parchment, you must complete the tasks at each control point placed on the map. They must be completed in the exact order based on the recommendations below.

Start by heading to the area circled in the image above, slipping from the nearest statue of seven. Do not use the track point of the teleport as this will lead you underground, while this puzzle begins above the ground.

You will face a test for a time that will require you to collect eight particles of ANEMF in the allotted time. Complete it to get a regular chest. After , the plunder of the chest A strange parchment will turn into unscrewed parchment .

Then go to the area circled in the image above to find the second test for the time when you need to defeat three ruins intelligence officers within one minute. After completing the test, you will be rewarded with a wonderful chest. Having gathered it, you will receive a drawing of furniture, and an unstable parchment will turn into guiding parchment .

Before you go to the next area, you first need to prepare bait for sugar dew —The reception can be purchased in a fishing pile. You can create X10 Sugar dew Bait using X1 Harry Fruit and X1 Summer Rose from any workbench. If you have few of these materials, you can buy them in a shop of common goods in front of the forge in the city of Pier.

After you have created a bait for sugar dew, go to the area circled in the image above to find a place for fishing on the mountain of devastate. You should keep fishing until you get a whispering parchment . The loss frequency is unknown, but you can return the other day if you cannot get it. As soon as you receive a quest item, the guiding parchment will turn into a whispering parchment in your inventory.

Go to the area circled in the image above. You can get there by teleporting to the nearest teleport the track point (do not use a statue of seven) and jump down. You need to light four torches, using any arsonist character in the exact order is spelled out in the image above. After that, a luxurious chest will appear. After extraction, the whispering parchment will turn into mysterious parchment . You also unlock the achievement of Wonders of the World called call of the nameless city .


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