The Division series became a survival

The Division series became a survival

A new game based on Tom Clancy’s ‘The Division’ has emerged. Today, Ubisoft unveiled the first ‘The Division Heartland’ at the Ubisoft forward event.

‘The Division Heartland’ is a new game played in the worldview of the Division series, as its name suggests, and is produced in cooperation with Massive Entertainment. The Division Heartland, a partial monetization game and survival action shooting, will showcase a more simplified survival game and the world of new division worldview than conventional survival games.

The player will be able to enjoy protection from enemy organizations, log agents, and deadly pollution at Silver Creek, a central central central city, and will see new figures and stories related to this. Heartland’s Creative Director Kiss Evans also said that the new division worldview game is preparing for CBT (only the US and Canada) on the homepage. More details of the game will be released later.


Meanwhile, the Division series’s mobile game, The Division Liners, is also being prepared for CBT this year and released a new trailer.

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