Is it worth it to kneel before the one who is waiting in the cult of the lamb?

Is it worth it to kneel before the one who is waiting in the cult of the lamb?

You played the whole game in the service of the one who is waiting. Now you must choose whether to kneel down and completely sacrifice yourself for them, or get up and declare yourself strong, like God. This is what happens depending on what option you choose.


admiration of the knees before those who are waiting in the cult of the lamb

If you bow your knees to those who are waiting, be prepared for a rather disappointing end of the game that you worked for hours. When you enter the Central Chamber, in which the one who waits is located, they will take away your duties of ministry and demand that you abandon the red crown.

If you decide to obey the one who is waiting, the Red Crown will fly off the lamb and return to the one who waits before the lamb soars into the air and sucks your life.

After that, the game will end, and you will return to the main menu.

Refusal to kneel in the cult of the lamb

If you refuse to kneel before the one who is waiting, get ready for a battle of four parts with two possible endings.

You will first fight Baal as well as aim , knights who are next to those who are waiting for the whole game. Each of them uses sets of moves that imitate bosses from the earlier parts of the game, so they are easy to send if you focus on obtaining the smallest possible damage.

After the knights are killed, you will recover against your former God. The first phase of this final battle with the boss includes an additional health lane for the one who is waiting, as well as improved movement abilities. This is a good idea to refresh several tips in memory before going to this battle.

As soon as you defeat the waiting in the first phase, his true form will be revealed. The arena will change and suddenly become like a hellish landscape, and the members of your cult will hang from the crosses on the sides of the battlefield. The one who waits will tear their eyes out, which will turn into mini-bosses.

This can be a stunning battle due to the huge number of moving components that you need to follow, but as soon as you finish, the one who waits will turn into a small frightened animal. You will have to choose, spare or kill the animal.

saving the one who is waiting

If you spare the one who is waiting, he will be teleported back to your camp, like any other member of the cult, and then can be transformed into a full-fledged cultist. The one who waits comes with immortal trait and will never die from old age.

Murder of the one who is waiting

If you choose the murder, the animal version of the one who is waiting will mock the lamb and claim that you are no better than them. Then the lamb will kill the one who waits by transferring the forces of God the lamb.

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