G -Star 2022, we will set up food truck zones this year

G -Star 2022, we will set up food truck zones this year

G-Star Office announced on the 7th that it will openly recruit the G-Star 2022 food truck participants held in BEX CO, Susan for four days from November 17 to 20.

Food Truck Zone is a space that offers a variety of food and convenience to visitors.

Eligibility is an individual who reports and operates food truck sales. And if you meet the conditions such as those who are not a corporate food truck, you can apply.

The business owner who wants to participate will be able to apply for participation online by September 18 (Sun), and Guest Office will finalize the G-Star Food Truck participants by checking the documents and checking the eligibility. Meanwhile, details related to recruitment of ‘G-Star 2022’ food truck can be found on the website of the Korea Game Industry Association (

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