The Ukrainian base studio conducts a Message to a real grenade campaign.
 The soldiers say that each shell is delivered to an unwanted customer

The Ukrainian base studio conducts a Message to a real grenade campaign. The soldiers say that each shell is delivered to an unwanted customer

On September 1st, the developer Frogwares reported on Twitter that the Kickstarter campaign of the new work sherlock Holmes The Awakened , which is currently being implemented, will end in a few days. The campaign is now about 34 times the initial target amount of money and has already gained a great deal of success.

And in the tweet, the studio started planning on Twitter, saying, Friends will support the Kickstarter campaign. The content is controversial.

FROGWARES is a tweet with a message video of soldiers that belong to the 24th Independent Assault Battalion. In the video, a soldier sitting on a weapon that looks like a howitzer can write a message to the grenade and support the studio.

Then, if you retweet the tweet and like the tweet, you will start a campaign for three people to write a message on a 152mm grenade by lottery. It is free to write any message, but you will be reviewing the studio in advance. In addition, the winner will send a picture of a grenade that the soldiers actually wrote the message.

It should be especially noteworthy in this video that the soldiers have stated that the message is written to the unrivaled customers. FROGWARES is a Ukrainian-based studio, so the soldiers belong to the Ukrainian army. In other words, it suggests that it will shoot a grenade in a message to the Russian army currently invading the country.

For this tweet at Frogwares, there are some posts that show the support of the studio, such as reply to the message you want to write on the grenade. On the other hand, there are many critical opinions. The criticism of the grenade with the message that someone dies, and is a criticism of conducting a plan to involve fans in such an act.

Some have reported to Twitter as a joke (about the implementation of the project)?

This project is certainly a noisy content, and it is shocking to think of a game studio project with many fans working on the game series of Sherlock Holmes. It may be natural that criticism or confusion rises.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, FROGWARES has been tweeting every day about domestic damage and counterattacking Ukrainian trends, and has been calling for support to its country. It is not unusual to express hostility against Russia in such a transmission. In addition, some staff members are temporarily leaving their jobs to served in support and support activities.

A series of tweets spells out the real intentions of the studio staff, who are actually forced to live in the war. Knowing such a background shows that this project is not just a bad hobby joke. Therefore, it is not a criticism, but there are a series of support and confused people.

The Studio is currently developing SHERLOCK HOLMES THE AWAKENED is a remake version of the title of the same name released in 2007. It is the latest work of the game series of Sherlock Holmes that FROGWARES has worked on, and it is a horror detective adventure game that combines the world view of Cthulhu myths (related article).

The Kickstarter campaign for this work will end on September 3, Japan time. At the initial target of 70,000 euros, it has collected money of 237,000 euros (about 33 million yen), which is about 34 times, and has achieved all the set stretch goals. It is explained that the funds beyond that will be used to ensure and strengthen the studio and staff.

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