James Gunn reveals the biggest problem with the film industry

James Gunn reveals the biggest problem with the film industry

James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy and The Suicide Squad, is an open person to answer all the doubts that the public has about the film industry. This also means that his opinion will not always be favorable, and this is something that he made clear by explaining why movies are getting worse.

Through his official account on his Twitter, Gunn was questioned by a fan about why he does not hire a composer before the edition. In his response, the director not only clarified this doubt, but also made clear a serious problem with the way films are made today. This is what he commented on the matter:

If you saw how disorganized most of the productions and how unfinished the majority of the scripts of the great films are when they begin to shoot, you would see why this normally [the hiring of musical composers before the editing process] does not it is an option. That [disorganization] is the number one reason for the deterioration of the quality of the feature films, in my opinion.

Having hundreds of projects at all times, and facing various changes of all kinds of constantly, The producing houses do not always have their plans in order . This is something that we can even see in Warner Bros., who after the merger with Discovery have begun to reorganize to counteract these problems.

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Editor’s note:

A film can be bad for various factors, such as edition, actors, script, etc. However, it is true that a bad organization results in a project that is not worth it, although this is not always a guarantee.

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