UFL is delayed until next year

UFL is delayed until next year

The football games market is nothing to expand with a new proposal. In September of last year, the study known as Strickerz revealed ufl, a new game of the free-to-play foot ball that promises to compete against Efootball and FIFA . Although this title was expected to be available these days, Recently its delay was confirmed until next year.

Through his official account on Twitter of his, Eugene Nashilov, general director of Strickerz, confirmed that ufl will not be able to fulfill his original launch date, and will now reach some point of 2023 . Although at the moment the exact date is unknown, it has been mentioned that this information will be shared next December. This was what was said about it:

Today we announce that the launch date will move to 2023. Many of you have stressed that this is likely… and you were right. The game is now approximately 80% and we need more time to finish development.

It is nothing new to say that it is a game of immense technological complexity, which needs to simulate a whole series of mechanics and football techniques with dynamic and realistic animations, world-class players and much more.

The interesting thing about ufl is that has the support of players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Romelu Lukaku, so it seems that the project goes with everything . Considering that for years the only options for the market were FIFA and PES, it is good to see that there are more alternatives. Along with this, we must not forget that FIFA will continue without EA, while this company will focus on creating its own soccer games series. In related issues, fifa 23 was already leaked. Similarly, this game was sold for only $ 6 cents.

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