The 30 best Nicolas Cage films of all time

The 30 best Nicolas Cage films of all time

While it has its low points, Nicolas Cage is one of the best actors in the game when it comes to its filmography. There is a great possibility that you have seen at least one of his films, probably even one of those we covered below. We have compiled a list of the 30 best Nicolas Cage films of all time in no particular classification.

The Mimbre Man

Image Source: Warner Bros., Alcon Entertainment and Millennium Films

This is easily the Nicolas Cage movie more meme that exists, and that is to say something considering that Face/OFF exists. Cage plays Edward Malus, a policeman called to a creepy island for his ex with the news that his daughter has disappeared. While the memes may have spoiled the end, we will not remind you. I only know that this island is incredibly strange and there is something about bees.

The sorcerer apprentice

Image Source: Walt Disney Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Saturn Films

The sorcerer apprentice is undoubtedly the role with the name of Nicolas Cage most great: Balthazar Blake, a magician who trained with Merlin. When it is revealed that a child is the next Merlin but also catches Balthazar under a 10-year-old curse, things are not going well for New York when that curse rises. Nicolas Cage embodies the old grumpy wizard as if it were the role for which he was born, resulting in one of his best films.

driving angry

Image Source: Summit Entertainment, Millennium Films and Michael by Luca Productions

Drive Angry has an interesting place in the filmography of Nicolas Cage, since he marked the beginning of the crazy cinema era. The film stars Nicolas Cage as John Milton (a good Paradise Lost reference that escapes hell for the opportunity to save his granddaughter from cultists to sacrifice her to Satan. While this movie is great, he definitely walked so that Mandy could run.

Kick ass

Image Source: Marv Films, Plan B Entertainment and DMG Entertainment

Without a doubt, one of Nicolas Cage’s best films, Kick-Ass is about a high school student who one day decides that he wants to be a superhero. This film shows that real life is definitely not like comics. Kick-Ass occupies the only place in this list of not technically a complete film by Nicolas Cage. Even with that, his role in the movie as Damon Macready / Big Daddy is incredibly important for history. In addition, being able to see Nicolas Cage play a rude Batman type character is something that should not be overlooked.


Image Source: Patriot Pictures, Hannibal Classics and Saturn Films

Nicolas Cage plays Paul Maguire, a former gangster who was finally able to become straight years before after a casual encounter with a messenger of the Russian mafia. In the present, Paul leaves his daughter alone and with a couple of his friends. At dinner, they inform her that his daughter is not and the information that his friends give her is that she was kidnapped. Paul, who is sure that this is his past who returns to pursue him, must immerse himself again in the underworld to take revenge.


Image source: MGM, star partners

Monstruck is special for many reasons, the main one is that Cher won the Oscar for best actress. This film follows Loretta Castorini, an Italian-American who has had bad luck in love since her previous husband died. The course of the film sees her interacting and courting two separate men, one of them is Ronny Cammareri, a baker interpreted no less than by Nicolas Cage. Come see Cher’s incredible performance for a funny romantic comedy and nothing less than one of Nicolas Cage’s best films.


Image source: Beverly Detroit, aesthetic clinic and good machine

In this kind of metahistory of a screenwriter who struggles to adapt a novel to a script, Nicolas Cage plays the twin brothers Chalie and Donald Kaufman. Charlie Kaufman (named for the real writer of the film) is anxious and exasperated with the novel that determines that he does not adapt. The adaptation also presents an incredible performance by Meryl Streep.

could go to you

Image Source: Tristar Pictures

It could happen to you exists as the only movie by Nicolas Cage based on a real story. In the film, Nicolas Cage plays a policeman who, after making a promise to a waitress to which he could not tip, gives him half of his lottery earnings of $ 4 million. It is a moving history of humanity and disinterest that every fan of Nicolas Cage should see.

snake Eyes

Image source: Paramount Pictures, Debart and Touchstone Pictures

The legendary director Brian de Palma (Carrie, Scarface, The Untouchables) addresses the story of a morally questionable detective caught in a murder in a boxing fight in Atlantic City. Nicolas Cage plays this detective, Rick Santoro, who wears a brown jacket and a very vibrant yellow shirt throughout the film. Snake Eyes is full of betrayals and conspiracies, definitely the right movie to watch a Friday night.

THE Wonderland of Willy

Image Source: JD Entertainment, Landafar Entertainment and Landmark Studio Group


Put on the belt for one of the strangest and most great modern films of Nicolas Cage. Nicolas Cage plays an unnamed guy who never speaks and is forced to serve as a janitor during the night at Willy’s Wonderland, an establishment similar to Chucky Cheese that was closed for a long time. The only problem here is that animatronic animals inside are really alive and terribly thirsty for blood. Willy’s Wonderland is absolutely the movie Five Nights at Freddy’s that people have been waiting.


Image Source: Ai-Film, Altitude Film and Blockbox Entertainment

PIG presents an enigmatic man who lives in the forest with his beloved pig hunter. One day, the man is assaulted by unknown assailants and his pig is kidnapped. He now must resurface in society to find where they have taken it. The character that Nicolas Cage interprets is definitely quieter and unpretentious than in most modern papers, and allows the film to flow emotionally.

Bringing the dead

Image source: Fin-Cappa, Paramount Pictures and Touchstone Pictures

Bringing Out The Dead also exists as a film in which Nicolas Cage interprets incredibly well to a depressed character. Cage plays Frank Pierce, an exhausted paramedic who has had a terrible streak of losing patients. Things have become so bad for Frank that he has begun to have hallucinations to see the ghosts of the deceased. If you are a fan of Martin Scorsese, Bringing Out The Dead is a must.

West of red rock

Image Source: Propaganda Films and Polygram Filmed Entertainment

After not being able to get a job that was offered to be too honest, they tell former Marine Michael Williams that he could there could be Red Rock work, Wyoming. Once in the city, Michael stops at the main bar of the city and the cantinero addresses him immediately telling him that he is late for work and refers to Michael as Lyle de Dallas. In this case of wrong identity, Michael undertakes a hired killer to kill the wife of man.

Protecting Tess

Image Source: Channel Films and Tristar Pictures

In this, Nicolas Cage plays Doug Chesnic, an agent of the Secret Service in charge of protecting the rough widow of a former president of the United States. After thinking that he had already dedicated his time and waiting for a new assignment, the president himself coercions to Doug to continue protecting Tess Carlisle. Once again he is forced to deal with Tess, he likes it or not.

National Treasure

Image Source: Walt Disney Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Junction Entertainment

It would be a fair bet that this is one of Nicolas Cage’s movies that exist. Between an iconic dialogue and a ridiculous treasure search based on the history of the USA., National Treasure has remained in the center of pop culture in some way during all these years. Nicolas Cage plays Ben Gates, a treasure hunter who accepts a wrong millionaire work and is betrayed. Ben must find a way to stay ahead of man with all resources while he has almost none.

The rock

Image source: Hollywood Pictures and Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films

The Rock unites Nicolas Cage with one of the great action cinema of all time, Sean Connery. That’s how it is; When the work consists of breaking into Alcatraz to prevent a group of traitorous marines throwing nervous gas rockets, you call James Bond. Nicolas Cage plays the FBI chemist, Dr. Stanley Goodspeed, who requires John Mason’s help to enter Alcatraz, since he is the only man in the story he has managed to escape.


Image Source: Touchstone Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films and Kouf/Bigelow Productions

When choosing a list of the worst hair that has been put to Nicolas Cage for a paper, Cameron Poe takes the palm. After being sentenced to imprisonment for involuntary homicide, former Army rangers Cameron Poe is in a large plane transporting dangerous prisoners to a maximum security prison for the rest of his sentences. After one of the inmates manages to create a distraction, the rest kidnap the plane completely, putting the task of stopping them in the hands of Cameron Poe.

gone in 60 seconds

Image Source: Touchstone Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films

It is fun to consider that this incredible car theft movie came out a year before The Fast and The Furious took the car movies to new (and perhaps worse) heights. In this movie, Nicolas Cage plays Memphis Raines (incredible name), a retired car thief who must return to save his brother after he committed a great robbery. Now, Memphis has 72 hours to steal 50 cars. One of the best things in this film is that Nicolas Cage did a large part of his acrobatics.

Ghost Rider

Image Source: Columbia Pictures, Crystal Sky Pictures and Relativity Media

Only one year before the real beginning of the MCU was Ghost Rider, with Nicolas Cage playing the role of the Temerario Johnny Blaze. Tragically, this film came out too soon for something other than a mediocre sequel five years later, but see Nicolas Cage let go and be the spirit of revenge with a skull face is still a show worthy of contemplating, even all these years later. Ghost Rider’s first film is definitely something that all Marvel fans (and Nicolas Cage) should see.


Image Source: Paramount Pictures, Revolution Studios and Initial Entertainment Group

The next is another movie where Nicolas Cage plays a superhero. However, this time he plays a magician with the great power to see two minutes in the future. While he has done everything possible to stay under the radar, the NSA is soon approached to help them discover where a group of Russian terrorists will detonate a nuclear bomb. This movie is a bit silly, of course, but it is a really interesting power that the film does not hesitate to bring to the limit.


Image Source: Spectervision, Uumedia and Xyz Films

Mandy is completely unique when it comes to the filmography of Nicolas Cage, since it is a very visceral horror movie. In Mandy, Nicolas Cage plays the network role, whose wife is kidnapped by a strange cult. After her death at them, she becomes a revenge movie, although a very grindhouse and trippy revenge movie with…

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