The best game I choose, 17th Game Game Audition

The best game I choose, 17th Game Game Audition

The Gyeonggi Content Agency (Director Min Se-hee, hereinafter referred to as Kyungconjin) will recruit the audience evaluation team to participate in the final winning team selection of the 17th Gyeonggi Game Audition (hereinafter referred to as ‘final audition’).

The audience evaluation team will participate in selecting 5 out of 10 games (TOP10) out of the first audition at the final audition held at the Pangyo Gyeonggi Creative Economy Innovation Center on September 7. Anyone interested in the game can apply.

The final audition will be conducted by a game developer in which the game developer will present a presentation to the audience evaluation team and the judges and answer questions with the judges.

The screening is based on the scores of the judges and audience evaluation teams composed of the global game market experts invited at home and abroad.

If you are selected as the TOP5 in the final audition, a total of 150 million won will be paid, including 50 million won for 1st (1 team), 30 million won for 2nd (2 teams), and 20 million won for 3rd (2 teams). In addition, follow-up support programs such as Pangyo Gyeonggi Global Game Center will be given, quality assurance (QA), sound, video, translation, and marketing.


In addition, all teams who entered the final audition (TOP10) were eligible to select PlayStation’s Pick, △ subsequent support program application qualifications, △ Akamai, AWS, NHN Cloud, MS, One Store, Kochava, the end of the back), △ △ game audition entire rider (networking) is provided.

At the final audition site, various events will be held for audience evaluation teams such as quiz events, certain souvenirs and prizes. Participants in the audience evaluation team can apply through the Gyeonggi Global Game Center website. For more information, contact the Gyeonggi Content Agency Game and Digital Innovation Team (031-776-4792).

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