What episodes see of Game of Thrones before starting with House of the Dragon

What episodes see of Game of Thrones before starting with House of the Dragon

Every time everyone has been excited by the arrival of House of the Dragon in HBO Max , being a kind of prequel to the main entrance of Game of Thrones . And while there is still a lot of public who already knows the background, there are some who plan to be able to enter the franchise from this story to move to the alleged sequel.

Among the episodes that must be seen yes or yes before seeing the new series, is clearly the 1 of the first season , which is named after winter is coming . Since here they present something in the world to explore, as well as some important characters, and of course, a little of the history of the most important families of the franchise.

This is followed by Chapter 6 of the first season , where you can know the cruel ones that can be the Targaryen , tradition that is even more severe before the main story. There is also the episode 9 of the first season , in which the inheritance differences of the throne show us, but fortunately the facts become more independent.

For its part, in Chapter 7 of season seven , they give us the indications that Jon Snow descends from Rhaegar Targaryen , so it will be important to know his attitude during this prequel. Finally, it will be good to see the episode 7 of season four , with great fighting with dragons, which will obviously not be missing in this new show.

Remember that it is now available in HBO Max .

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