Open world hunting game Way of the Hunter is also pros and cons.
 The developer shows the attitude of correction immediately

Open world hunting game Way of the Hunter is also pros and cons. The developer shows the attitude of correction immediately

Publisher THQ Nordic released Way of the Hunter Way of the Hunter (hereinafter Way of the Hunter) on August 17. The platform is PC (Steam/Epic Games Store / )/ps5/xbox Series X | S. While it shows the popularity of popularity, the developers have expressed their corrections in terms of performance.

Way of the Hunter is an open world game that hunts in the wilderness as a new hunter. It features a vast field of 55 square miles (about 140 square km) and a real hunting experience with a high immersive feeling. As one of the immersive feeling, a partnership with a real firearm manufacturer has been concluded, and real hunting tools have appeared in the game (related articles).

According to SteamDB, the peak of the simultaneous number of simultaneous connections in this work recorded 9880 on August 17, the release date, and the new IP has hit a good number. The user review on the store page evaluates the beauty of graphics such as the background. It means that the attempt to enhance the immersion mentioned earlier has been successful. In addition, hunting elements and stories that pursue realism seem to be evaluated.

It seems that some dissatisfactions have been sent, including the fine parts, including the fine start. What is particularly mentioned in the review is that the FOV (visual angle) is fixed and the keybind cannot be changed. And the difficulty is high.

Regarding the difficulty level, this work is often spoken compared to the same real-oriented hunting game THEHUNTER: CALL OF THE WILD. Way of the Hunter is said to be difficult because it is difficult to find traces for tracking animals than TheHUNTER: CALL OF THE WILD. On the other hand, some players feel real and enjoy this, but they are unpopular.

Nine Rocks Games, the developer who quickly responded to these players’ voices, announced on August 18 that it is preparing for an update. Although the update schedule has not yet been decided, it is said that FOV slider implementation, keybinding change, Ultra Wide corresponding, and further corrections are planned. It seems that the bugs that are modified include blood stains disappear and tracking is difficult. This may solve the difficulty of finding traces, which was one of the high difficulties causes.

THQ Nordic also accepts reports of bugs and games. How the popularity of the game turns up on future updates. There are not so many real hunting games choices, so I would like to look forward to the future update.

Way of the Hunter is on sale for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store / )/ps5/xbox Series X | S. The package version is scheduled to be released on September 8 in PS5.

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